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Ups and Downs

Life has been kind of a rollercoaster lately, but it is nice to have a few ups as well as the downs. Phil had debriding surgery again last Monday the first. Phil’s getting restless to return to work, but it will be at least two or three weeks yet. He saw his wound doctor on Tuesday, and although she was pleased with the amount of fluid which has come out of the wound and shrank the leg, she was extremely unhappy with the nurses. She gave them orders to pack the tunnels in the wound and told Phil if her orders had been followed, more healing would have occurred. Now she wants to see Phil in two weeks, and the nurses are to pack the tunnels. Phil could dress the wound himself, but the tunnels require sight to pack. So it looks like we’re stuck with home healthcare nurses for another two weeks at least. Phil was really hoping if he could dress the wound himself, he could return to work. I’m feeling resentful that just because neither of us can see, we’re having to have more visits than most people would, which of course increases the cost. I don’t know that there’s a precedent, and I can only hope insurance will cover most of it. Then there’s the nurse who claims alergy to dogs, despite having at least one at home. Whenever she visits, I have to tie Zane down with me in the bedroom. Last Tuesday she came when I was trying to get ready to leave and finish lunch. We’ve discovered Zane can’t be in the bathroom when I shower, or he gets ear infections, so I would have had to have him tied down back here by himself. It was a nice day so thought he might be OK outdoors for the duration of my shower, but no,. Even with my five minute shower, he was barking his fool head off. This is the Lab who loves to lie in the sun on 100 degree days, so it was more about him wanting to know what was going on. I got to the point of needing both hands to accomplish tasks, and she seemed to think it was ok to let him go. Next time she was due to come, I asked Phil whether he wanted Zane tied down, and he said no. She complained and asked if he could be put in another room. Phil assured her Zane would settle in a couple minutes, which he did. I asked Phil how he would have reacted had Garrn been alive, and he said it wouldn’t be an issue. Like Zane, Garron would go lie down within a couple minutes of her arrival. There’s now a sign about keeping rubber gloves out of reach because Zane’s gotten a couple. We have no idea what the attraction to rubber gloves is, but even our dentists know they can’t have them lying around. i’m getting tired of nurses cluttering up our space and moving things without letting us know. Phil and I know he needs them, but we’re both getting tired of it all.
Phil is not taking as many pain pills or needing a numbing agent to have his wound dressed. This makes him a lot more alert and fun to have around. The alertness is a plus now, because suddenly JAWS has decided not to work on our computer. At least he’s able to trouble shoot and try getting it working. I had to cancel a show last night, but I hope he’ll have things working by tomorrow night’s show. I’ve been feeling some of the companionship, affection, and fun coming back into our marriage. We’re both getting used to my foibles and the fact that i just don’t / can’t do some things with the same efficiency and grace as he does. i burnt some potatoes because of stuttering on a timer key. Luckily the quiches turned out, and he wasn’t upset. I was far more shook up and said I wouldn’t eat tater rounds for a while.
Phil’s been doing little things like putting up a jewelry tree, and he found some inexpensive but powerful colored lights. The lights have settings which make them react to sound, and one day Phil was playing such good music with the lights I almost forgot about my ride. He also ordered some sunglasses with sound reactive lights and a rechargeable battery for me to try at the Malt Shop. if they get a good reaction, I’ll try them at a performance next month for the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.


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