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End of Summer Take 3.

I’ve had this blog written once, and then my app wiped it . So here goes attempt number 2.

Last time I wrote about things breaking down. This time we’ve replaced some of those things. The dryer and the tub conversion into a shower only took place last week. I was thankful the shower workmen were gone before the dryer came. It was a zoo around here with men coming and going, drop cloths, and lots of stuff everywhere. Lancer was on leash the majority of the time, because he had just gotten over being ill from eating a sock. I didn’t need him eating anything else.
Through all this chaos, Phil and I participated in an experiment in which we were to listen to guided meditations every day for two weeks. It probably helped lower the stress, but in our busy lives, it was just one more thing.
On the day we completed the experiment at the University campus, we’d planned to meet at a restaurant for lunch. It was closed, so I was dropped at Phil’s office. Phil ended up having a guy pull in front of him despite having the light to cross. The vehicle wasn’t to travel on that part of the street anyway. Phil’s cane was run over and broken. I’m very glad it wasn’t anymore serious, and Phil found someone willing to help him back to his office building. We ate at a restaurant in that building.
There’s still no word on when Phil goes for a dog. I dread those three weeks with him away, but know it’s for the best. Heck, I dread the three days he’ll be away in November at a conference doing a presentation. 
I felt recognized when I received a raise for my work playing piano for Masses and other things at church. I don’t contribute monetarily that much to the household, but even a little more helps me feel better.
All of the chaos plus now the fall loss of light is really triggering my depression. I used to be a night owl, but now I look forward to going to bed. That’s almost the goal of the day, because it means I’ve made it through another day. My therapist and psychiatrist are aware, and we’re doing all we can to combat it.
I am enjoying the cooler weather, and Lancer’s work is phenomenal for such a young dog. If we could just keep him out of stuff like socks, he’d be the perfect guide. Zane had an illness about a month after I had him, and it made me jumpy for a while. I’m experiencing this same jumpiness with Lancer whenever he gets up and goes somewhere else. Perhaps with the chaos settling down, my jumpiness will too.


End of summer take 2.

End of summer update.

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