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It’s been a while.

I haven’t blogged for a while, because aside from getting Lancer, July was not the best of months for the Kragnes household. A freezer we had for only 5 years bit the dust, and it’s worth less to get a new one than to put money into fixing it. We didn’t take out the extended warranty, because we pay for a total appliance repair plan. But the plan doesn’t cover what’s broken. We had to have three different sets of people out to fix our AC’ before that was up and working again. The total appliance plan paid for itself with that deal! Our dryer is also threatening to bite the dust, but we’re trying to keep it going with smaller loads.
We’re also still waiting for the contractors to come fix our bathroom. It will be nice to have a walk-in shower, but right now, with no grab bars, balance is an issue. 
Our cleaning people decided to stop, because we’re the only clients in this area. Our lawn mowing person warned us earlier this summer he’d be having surgery this month. Luckily we learned of an app which has really helped called next door. We’re trying the cleaning thing on our own, but I’ve seen a couple adds for cleaners in the area should we decide to go that route. We’ve also found someone to mow, and Phil found a couple people to help deal with some trees. We also got rid of two motors left in our basement by the repair people. Apparently they can’t reuse them. Next Door is a fantastic app for getting in touch with your neighborhood. We’ve learned about several things about which we’d never know without it. Our block is so quiet and private it’s good to read about so many things happening around us.
These things plus stuff I won’t even talk about brought my depression out. I usually feel OK in the summer, but not when there’s all this stuff going on. An increase in medication has helped some, but I hated to write a blog of complaints. At least now I feel like I can just say stuff as fact without all the drama.
This summer has brought some good news. I obtained a raise at church which should help our finances a little. We are also no longer paying for some kind of insurance on our mortgage which has knocked a little off. Phil’s having some dental work done which will be an expense for an unfinished procedure, but at least we’ve both reached our out-of-pocket number for most medical expenses.
The Internet Radio Shows are still going well, although I’ll take a week’s break on Blessing Blend in order to celebrate our 20th anniversary however we choose to do that. We haven’t made any big plans, and that’s OK. Phil did say he might take a half day off which would be cool. We’re trying to get Phil over the summer cold I had first. But he’s had it the worst of the two of us. He’s really enjoying being able to work out at home (and even listens to me on Friday nights). 

Lancer is still doing well. Nope, we don’t make it out every day, but we do good work when we are. Lancer’s puppy raisers sent me a photo album of pictures of all the things they did with lancer. He had a Halloween costume among others and dressed in a sweatshirt with Devil’s horns for the NJ Devils Hockey Team. He was known as “Devil Dog”.
 Phil and I are reading a 23 book series by Randy Wayne Right, and I have several books I’m looking forward to reading after that’s completed. We also still have our book club which meets the last Thursday of the month. We still go out once a month with a group of people we call “dinner delvers”. If it’s someone’s birth month, they pick the place. Lately I’ve been sampling a lot of mac and cheese usually with extra toppings.
Before everything started going crazy, Phil surprised me with a new set of BlueTooth speakers for my phone he found on sale. I like having something rechargeable, portable, and that sounds good too.
Speaking of music, I’m to be part of a marathon Ninth Floor Radio (.com) is doing on Labor Day. I don’t have any details yet, but I’ll post when I can.
Phil still waits to hear about a class date to get his dog. It looks like it probably won’t be for a month or two yet, but whenever it is, that’s the kind of surprise we’ll like. 
OUR lives are not that exciting, but most of the surprises aren’t pleasant ones. So we prefer our lives to have as little excitement as possible.

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