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october Update

I spent over two hours writing a post which for some unknown reason did not publish. If at first you don’t succeed …

I’m sitting in front of the second fire in our fireplace this fall. Yesterday’s high was 84, and the air conditioning was running. Welcome to another Minnesota fall and a very strange time in the Kragnes house.

I had a bad moment when turning off the first fire, because I unconsciously must have expected to hear standing and shaking then padding behind me to the bedroom. That was the routine when the fireplace was turned off at night when Zane was here. I hear great things about Zane adjusting well to his new environment, but not having any dogs in the house is difficult. We both have observed times when it was probably better we had none, like whenever we dropped anything. Zane would eat anything on the floor in a heartbeat. Phil cleaned the medical supplies off the mantle and desk, and a lot of stuff dropped. Z would have had a field day! The house just doesn’t feel complete without at least one dog here, and I feel it even more in public using my “stupid stick”. Cane users, don’t get in a tizzy. I call it that, because I think we can all agree guide dogs are more intelligent than inanimate canes.

Phil’s been at work about a month, and it seems to be going well. Taking Metro Mobility everywhere is getting very old for him, and he gets home much later than on a regular bus or taking a car ride.

Phil’s wound seems to be healing a tenth of a Centimeter at a time. The wound vac has been on longer than anticipated, and the ramp will definitely be up longer, too. Originally we thought we’d see it come down at the end of this month. Now it looks like we’ll be lucky if it’s down by the end of December. Phil is also still attached to his wound vac which is inconvenient and somewhat stressful.

I had my Juno Walk with a Seeing Eye instructor two weeks ago. A Juno alk is when the instructor holds on to the harness and walks at different paces and pulls pretending to be Juno the dog. Tom felt my strongest leash correction and then felt the average correction I want to give. We talked about environments in which the dog would be working, expectations of him or her, and other needs or wants. I received a follow-up email warning me I could be in for a long wait.

That might be just as well with winter coming and because I twisted and sprained my ankle coming out of the Apple Store on Saturday October 3rd. I knew there was a step but was unaware of a big crack in the street. My ankle twisted in it, and down I went. This put me out of commission for both Masses I was to play that weekend plus the Malt Shop. I had difficulty walking, and it was my sustain pedal foot too. I still have a dull ache a week later, and especially on damp days. I feel fortunate October has a lot of Saturdays, so my Mass income shouldn’t be affected as greatly. If I couldn’t walk it didn’t hurt to have a new iPhone 6s to keep me occupied. Phil joked we should make a movie called “Lame and Lamer.”

That weekend was a bust for yet another reason. When I started doing my Internet radio shows at the Legend in August,I was reassured the restrictions of playing music from the 80’s or earlier wouldn’t apply to me. I asked multiple times to be sure. That weekend, I learned restrictions were not only going in place, but that all Christian programming was to be moved to Sundays. That wouldn’t work with my schedule and Blessing Blend. I quickly but pofessionally resigned and wondered what was next. I felt pretty beat-up having been at three stations since March. I left the Phoenix, because I was uneasy with management. I was dismissed from Ultimate Radio Experience for reasons too comlicated to get into here. Suffice it to say those outside the station who know the details reassuhe me that wasn’t my fault. Now this. God definitely had a hand in helping me find homes for my shows. I think I have finally found stations perfect for each of the shows and where there will be mutual love and respect among friends. Blessing Blend will be on Wednesday evenings from 8 to 11 PM Eastern, 7 to 10 PM central on Radio For Life, a Christian station out of Dallas, Texas.

Keyboard Kaleidoscope is moving to a station out of Atlanta, Georgia called Peach Tree Radio FM. They play soul, R and B, gospel, blues, and soft rock. There are lots of keyboards in those genres, and they are letting me go outside of them with the understanding there will be music within those genres, too.Peach Tree was the first stN where I ppied before being advised to get eshperience “where there aremore listeners”. I tried that and picked up few listeners along his way. I’m tired of thinking about numbers. I’d rather focus on pleasing the listeners I have. Anyway Keyboard Kaleidoscope is on Friday nights into Saturday mornings from 11 PM to 2 AM Eastern, 10 PM to 1 AM Central.
Both shows debut at their new homes this week. 

October Update

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