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Kragnes Kard or Kragnes Karol

To the Tune of Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas

Last year we spent a hospital Christmas.

Ambulance and All.

This year two more ambulances came to call.

Had six total hospitalizations.

Blake and Lancer stayed,

With Rebecca at home where they pooped and played.

There we were with Phil’s Sepsis and Phil’s leg pain and more.

Can’t remember what all of those,

Visits in the rows,

Were For.

Throughout this we all remained together,

Though the stress was high.

Phil’s nerve pain in back and hip and leg and thigh

But Phil’s health marked this year as it went racing by.

Through the year between hospital visits,

There was normal life,

For the dogs and Phil and don’t forget his wife.

Presentations meetings coding working,

Software to install,

At work Blake was happy when they threw his ball.

While at home the weekdays were fulfilling,

Various Household tasks

,Lancer knew for scratches he just had to ask.

But on weekends piano playing at church and the restaurant.

It was Lancer people thought of,

Getting all the love,

he’d want.

As we gather at this Christmas season,

It’s a peaceful scene.

Fireplace and the beds the dogs will go between.

So Merry Christmas, happy two thousand nineteen.


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