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Phil found his Hearing aid

This is Lancer with a very important update to my post of yesterday. I spewed all that talk about opportunities on the floor and then missed a $500 snack. Phil found his hearing aid, so at least the humans aren’t worried about that.

Lancer reporting on Blake and other stuff

This is lancer at the keyboard reporting the latest from the Kragnes house. Blake arrived yesterday, and although we could compete in the affection department, he wins hands down in the making noise race. I thought I was a good whiner, particularly last week when I unsuccessfully tried to tell Mom I had to make an emergency bathroom run because of diarrhea. Maybe if I’d whined like Blake, she would have gotten the message before I had an accident on the carpet. But these humans are so dumb sometimes. Phil didn’t realize he dropped a tin foil full of homemade lasagna, but I came home from the Malt Shop and knew immediately. Then Monday morning I had to throw up the works and breakfast too. Maybe I win the messiest dog competition, although Blake is far more liberal with the toy box, even getting inside of it and spreading toys all over the place.
Currently, Blake and Phil are downstairs using the clicker, and I’m salivating thinking of all those wonderful treats Blake is getting. That’s OK, because Phil filled his treat bag too full, and I collected the kibble that fell to the floor. Just because it’s on the floor doesn’t mean it should be wasted. On the contrary, there are many opportunities on the floor whether it’s the ground floor or a high floor in a skyscraper. Food, napkins, and paper often drop to the floor and just beg to be picked up by a smart dog such as Blake or myself. Blake doesn’t seem to understand the opportunities of the floor the way I do. Someone’s got to do this hard work.
Speaking of work, Blake is doing well, but I overheard he had some distractions from little kids that sent him jumping around and squeaking. Phil doesn’t encounter little kids that often, so with a little experience and maturity this should calm down. Otherwise he’s doing good work. But let’s not forget that after a year of being with Rebecca, I’ve done my own good work besides grasping the opportunities on the floor.
One very unfortunate thing happened during Phil’s first trip today with Blake. Phil has been using a pair of loaner hearing aids while his are fixed. He lost one of them to the tune of $500. He’s putting a post on our neighborhood site to see if anyone can find it.
Tomorrow Blake and Phil tackle their office and the Light Rail with their trainer. Rebecca hates the light rail, particularly finding and coming off of the platforms. Thursday and Friday there will be more campus work, and then Friday evening their trainer goes home to New Jersey. I don’t think we’ll have our first double work until probably Saturday night when we come home from the humans’ favorite Mexican restaurant. I’ve been in the lead when Phil used a cane, but word is that Blake and Phil move much faster and tend to pass anyone who doesn’t work that fast. Mom and I will be glad to bring up the rear. 

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