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Kragnes Carol, 2014

[To the tune of verses to The First Nowell. Feel free to sing the song’s chorus after each verse.)

1. The First Nowell, the Zangel did say, To a German Shepherd he met on his way,
To the stable where animals of the Earth,
Welcomed the Holy Family and witnessed Christ’s birth.

2. When they looked up, and saw a Star,
Indicating the stable was not that far.
And just ahead, three gentlemen wise,
Were laden with some things which were of great size.

3. Along with small packs, they carried by scores,
Were a heavy cooler and two bulky, steel doors.
What the cooler held, the Zangel dreamed,
Thinking of all that good food made his brown eyes gleam!

4. The Cooler contain, a great gift of life’
A kidney to end Phil’s dialysis strife.
As for the doors, they’d keep out each storm,
And help keep the Kragnes house cool or warm.

5. The Shepherd knew, that radio software,
With a hard drive would bring Rebecca to the Internet air.
For those who ask, of the small packs’ contents,
Of course, gold myrrh and frankincense.

6. The dogs reflected as they trod,
Doors, software and kidney were gifts from God.
Just as they are, in our lives and this sceen,
We wish you a safe, happy 2015.


Quick Update

I thought the next update would be the Kragnes Carol. It’s still in process and will be coming, but right now the computer isn’t booting. We have the new hard drive, but have to schedule someone to help us image the contents of the old one and put that image on the new one. I’ve been recording my regular shows, but until this problem is fixed, there will be no shows for a while. This past weekend, the Phoenix held its birthday weekend, and as the computer kept getting more temperamental due to the drive, I knew my participation could be risky. So despite my deep desire to have a show, I let it be known why I couldn’t do it. I listened to a lot of the shows, and what I heard was brilliant! I am so proud to be working with such quality broadcasters and have made many friends among them. Therefore, even though I knew my decision not to have a presence for this event was sound, it still made me very sad too. I also played for two Masses and had my regular Malt Shop gig. I knew some of my blind friends planned to show up to hear me Sunday night, but was surprised at the number of people who came. I’ve been reclusive this year and haven’t been involved in social activities with a number of people who showed up. We used to get together and/or at least talk on the phone. I haven’t felt like I was very good company so have kept to myself a lot this year. I think that needs to change in the year ahead. There were also people with whom I barely had any contact who chose to come and one person I barely knew. My last song was “Oh Holy Night”, and it about brought me to tears when their whole group of 15 and other customers started singing. I was also extremely touched when I learned the group had gathered an envelope of tips and put braille on it, saying how much they enjoyed hearing me play. This was one of those times when 1. despite challenges and setbecks, I knew I was supposed to be doing what I’m doing. 2. I was reminded that I have more friends than I realize.

My gig at the IDS Center Crystal Court was also very successful. It too brought out a few people I didn’t expect to see, and other positive things I didn’t expect happened related to this event.

I also wanted to bring you up to speed on Phil’s foot. He’s had increasing pain for the last couple months and went to his doctor once in late October or early November. It was bright red then, but despite a series of tests, no answer was found. We both worried it was related to circulation, but at his appointment yesterday, it was confirmed that circulation is strong in the foot. However, apparently the skin has been torn away exposing the nerves. Phil and his doctor have come up with something to try to keep socks from rubbing on the wound. He sees one of his doctor’s associates to check progress and has an appointment with the wound clinic in a month (which was the soonest he could get in). Right now I hear him whimpering and groaning in pain just trying to get to sleep, and of course, I’m worried about him. Sometimes it doesn’t hurt much, and other times like just now, it’s so bad he can barely stand it. after sending this, it’s time to go back to the intrigue and escape of a good book. No matter what else is going on in life, fai, books, fun games, and music keep me grounded

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