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Kragnes Christmas Carol for 2017

To the Tune of In the Bleak Midwinter

We are Blake and Lancer,

Kragnes puppy guides.

When they call we answer,

Quickly by their sides.

Now we pause to tell you what occurred this year.

We’ll start with the big thing. Blake is finally here!

PHIL went to New Jersey, to meet Blake and train,

He was so ecstatic to put down his cane!

But within the first week, Phil got very sick.

He flew home without Blake. Had Pneumonia, ick!

After Phil recovered, was no longer ill.

On the 10th of July, Blake was brought to Phil.

They got reacquainted, through their work and play.

They became quite bonded, as they are today.

At the church and Malt Shop everyone would see,

Lancer by the piano where Rebecca’d be,.

She would play the songs people would recognize.

While she played the music, Lancer held their eyes.

It feels good to be a family of four.

As for Blake and Lancer, each other they ignore.

Still at the home Kragnes, its a peaceful scene.

Merry merry Christmas and Blessed 2018!


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