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Birthdays and new radio show

It’s been a busy spring for us, and things are mostly OK. Phil’s kidney is remaining strong and steady. We are worried about his thumb. He’s had a sore spot for a while, and despite bandages etc., it continues to get bumped. It seems to be getting worse, and I believe he plans to get to a doctor as soon as he can this week. Between Memorial Day, taking off for his birthday on Friday, and being booked solid the other days, it didn’t happen last week.

Because our birthdays were both on Friday this year, our group who goes out to eat once a month (informally called Dinner Delvers) celebrated our birthdays with us. Phil chose a bbq place called Cap’s grill this past Friday. He hadn’t been to Cap’s since dialysis, because the fries there would have been too tempting. It was worth it all for him, and he invited his friend and tandem biking pilot Nikolai. I think it’s safe to say everyone had a great time. The only small down side was getting lost at the train station trying to find the bus stop on the way home. One would think there would have been plenty of people around on a Friday night, but it was pretty deserted. I’ve never been wild about the Light Rail system, but with a second line opening this month, someday I’m going to have to come to terms with it. Some platforms are split, while others are single, and connecting to the bus stops isn’t very intuitive – at least for me. Phil and Garron explored, and Zane and I stayed in one place for reference. Once Phil and Garron found someone to confirm where the stop was, the fireworks began, and Zane didn’t care for that at all! Garron was more alarmed by the storms this weekend, while Zane didn’t react.

While some of the storms occurred, Zane and I were down in the basement after I played for Mass celebrating a combination of my priest’s 34th anniversary in the priesthood and his April birthday. It was mostly organized by the Spanish speaking community. The food was super good with a heavy Mexican influence! I loved the music too, but it was too loud to have any conversation. The acoustics of the room made everything echo which didn’t help. I came home with such an awful headache, which made me feel completely old.

I don’t remember whether I talked about eating at Wok in the Park on my birthday in April, but although very different, the food was just as good and the evening fun without the harrowing train station experience. My friend the chef and his sisters sang happy birthday in three part harmony again this year, and the hot fudge sauce on the homemade vanilla bean ice cream reminded me of my Mom’s recipe. We had a bit of a wait for our ride home, but I enjoyed standing and watching their lighted, color-changing awning.

The Malt Shop has been very busy, which makes it all the more fun. Last night I played a song I learned especially for after my friend Eric proposed to his girlfriend Andrea. I may not have the most high-paying job in the world, but I love participating in moments like that one.

Last weekend I went to Eric’s house, and Andrea fixed us a great dinner while Eric and I did a country show on the station where he broadcasts. The day before, I auditioned to be a presenter on another Internet Station, and I learned I was accepted the next day before catching my ride to Eric’s. my first live show is this Wednesday at 10 Eastern, nine central. This will be the regular time for Blessing Blend – a show of mostly Christian music with the occasional song from other genres harmonious with some aspect of the Christian message. I mostly have Contemporary Christian music, but I’ll definitely include some Southern and Black Gospel plus some traditional hymns too. I know not everyone reading this enjoys Christian music, but I’ll have another show in the not-very-distant future centered on keyboard instruments in many genres. I’ll put reminders on Facebook and Twitter for those who follow me there, but in case you want the URL to listen, here it is.


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