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No apostrophe!

An observant and helpful friend told me my email address contained an apostrophe when I sent it to this blog. Of course it all sounded the same to me. So, let’s try this again. my address is


When it Rains, it pours!

In one day — that would be yesterday — I had my brand spanking new notetaker break down, found out I had to send it back to the company, and learned my old email address I’ve had for 18 years is probably a thing of the past. The email providers’ phones were out of service, and I could not send or receive from anymore. So now I have a brand spanking new email address to share with you all. You can email rjkr’ if you need to be in touch with me. I’m changing it everywhere I can think to change it, and some transitions are definitely easier than others. My biggest issue seems to be getting rid of the old address, but that’s not exactly my problem if sites don’t have an easy way to do this. WordpPress made it easy, so kudos for them! I’ve resigned myself to no longer receiving some emails I used to get every day due to not being able to find the sites and having some sites make it too difficult to resubscribe under a new address. I’ve spent a whole morning on this project, and I have a feeling I’m not done yet.

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