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March Update

I just realized I haven’t brought my blog followers up to date on what’s been happening in the Kragnes household. The year 2019 has not gotten off to a rip-roaring good time here. Phil was in the hospital in January for gout in his shoulder. Then in early February he went in for Influenza, and I got a strong case of it as well. I haven’t been that sick in a long time. Trying to care for the dogs while that sick was a challenge., and I had to miss quite a few of my own appointments and engagements due to needing to watch Blake for Phil, who doesn’t want him left alone. We were still getting over that when Phil went into the hospital for a third time for gout in his left hand. He’s now on prevention meds, but his left hand still hurts once in a while.

Then all the coughing from the Influenza set off the nerve in his back. Hes going to be sedated next Wednesday for a full cortisone injection. The last time they tried doing it with Phil awake, they couldn’t do the whole thing, because it caused Phil so much pain as it was happening. That was back in November.

I bought a new notetaker at the end of December. I had it for a couple weeks in January before it had to be sent back due to a malfunction. In Mid-February I got a replacement, and although there are some little things about which I have questions, it’s working fairly well. I’m reading the Harry Putter books in braille on it right now, and I hope to use it to write a book about our lives and the things we’ve been through as a couple.

On top of everything else, we’ve had the snowiest February on record, and March is supposed to be our snowiest month. In between snowfalls, it turned bitterly cold with temperatures way below zero. We have just recovered from another one of those cold spells, and tomorrow there’s another winter storm warning in effect.

After Phil got home from the shoulder gout and before we got sick, our email company folded, and our addresses no longer received new messages. We had to set up gmail accounts and then change all of our email addresses on all of our various accounts. I still don’t know if I’ve gotten all mine changed, but I think so.

We’re starting another Lent, and for me that means Friday nights are more playing at church for the Stations of the Cross. Next Saturday we go do our taxes which of course won’t be a lot of fun either. My depression hasn’t let up through all of these mostly-downs at our house, and Phil is also dealing with little and big frustrations from expectations of our snow shoveler to clips not coming off of the knives he’s started to collect.

We’re going to have a Leaf-filter put on our gutters toward the end of this month, but before then, we hope the thaw will be gentle, as all that ‘snow has made ice dams on our roof. There’s only been one year we’ve had water come in the house, and that’s a statistic I’d like to keep right where it is. Phil did some reading on whether to pay someone to use a roof rake to get the snow off of our roof to prevent water from coming in. But the article said doing so could damage our roof in the process.

The dogs remain healthy, although we need to get their nails clipped in a bad way! They seem mostly happy, and we’ve reconciled to letting Lancer on the couch where he loves to sleep.

Speaking of the dogs, it’s time to go feed Lancer, so I’ll close.


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