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This is to let you all know that Phil has sufferred, and I mean sufferred a terrible blow. His German Shepherd, and Seeing Eye Dog Garron died this morning. He wouldn’t take a chewable which is usually a treat. He was panting and gums were cold. He was taken to the vet hospital but didn’t make it. He was in cardiac arrest. The theory is a tumor burst. Garron was nine years old.
Phil needs more support than ever!! His phone number is 612-273-8285, and he is located on the 5th floor of 2512 South 7th Street in Minneapolis, also known as the rehab building. His E-mail address is and E-mails would be more accessibble and therefor preferable to cards or letters. He is also easily found on FB for messages. If you are local and can possibly come to visit, that would be best

Rebecca Kragnes and Zane (Black Lab and Seeing Eye Dog)
3733 15th Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55407
Home: 612-827-2132
Cell: 612-387-5884
Twitter: @RebeccaKragnes


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