News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

It seems like I’ve been doing the same old, same old, so there hasn’t been too much to report, until now.

We’ve had an ongoing problem with neighbors parking their vehicles in our driveway. It becomes an issue when taking out garbage or recycles. Our hands are full, and we’re not using a cane or dog on our own property. Then Bam! We run into an unexpected parked vehicle. We’ve asked and asked people to move. What if we wanted to use our own space for friends who visit? This week Phil got a “No Parking” sign to put in our driveway. We didn’t get one that said we’d tow vehicles but I think it’s a logical next step if they ignore our sign.

I also learned that at the end of this month, the radio station on which I broadcast is shutting down. I’ve been getting tired of broadcasting when not many listen. I value those that do, and I was told by one listener that my shows would be missed. Although it was nice to hear, it doesn’t motivate me to apply at other stations. I think I need a long break if not a permanent exit from broadcasting. I mainly did it as a ministry anyway, and it’s difficult to persuade most stations to have another Christian program.

My music buying habits are changing with the Amazon Echo and it’s music service. I can now hear anything I want on the Echo or my phone, so I’m not buying that many albums anymore.

With Daylight Savings Time upon us, spring can’t be too far behind. I look forward to walking on sidewalks and not worrying about who has and has not shoveled. We have a friend who does a great job on ours. I wish everyone was as conscientious as he is about keeping ice and snow to a minimum.

With spring comes taxes, and we’re taking care of that this weekend. Phil has the day off Friday, so he took a vacation day Thursday to have a long weekend. He’s basically healthy, except he has this ongoing stomach issue. He knows what medication will fix it, but the doctors are insisting on a hydrogen test before they will prescribe the medicine. That test isn’t scheduled until April 27. In the meantime, Phil has all kinds of presentations at work, so hopefully the stomach issue won’t reek havoc with those.

I’m still playing at church and the Malt Shop on weekends. Right now I’m earning extra money doing the music for Stations of the Cross during Lent. During the week, I have laundry and other household things that keep me busy. I am trying to be more social by talking on the phone, and hopefully meeting people when the snow and ice goes away. The depression has resulted in social anxiety, so doing these things is a little harder than it sounds.

I’ve been reading lots of fabulous books both for the book club over the phone and just for myself. I am so grateful to live in a time where we have such great access to books both at the National Library Service and on Bookshare. Some people have Audible which is a paid service for audio books, but their prices are a little too steep for me.


Comments on: "No Parking and Soon No Radio Show Plus other Odds and Ends" (1)

  1. KathyZolo said:

    Hello Rebecca,

    Even though it didn’t feel like much was going on, I did enjoy hearing from you. I have been playing catch up for the last few days after having my second cochlear implant surgery so I just found this message for the second time and thought that I would respond.

    Because my hearing in my left ear was getting worse and I knew that I was going to loose it, I decided to go ahead and have a second implant. I am only 6 days out from surgery so much remains to be seen, but the good thing is that I don’t have the vertigo that I had last time which was about 4 years ago. On other news, this is turning into a crazy mixed up year in our house. The children’s pet dog died at my feet lying beside Ginger a month ago. Brian was having problems with Odie in the workplace which cannot be resolved so today we found out that he has to get a new dog which he is doing while he is already there at the school. Now, the only original is Ginger who has another adjustment coming, hopefully a good one for her. In the meantime, my oldest granddaughter gets to go to play in a softball tournament in South Carolina next week over spring break so they will all be leaving with her. I will be home alone for a short time with just Ginger. Well, I guess I am getting the peace and quiet I have wanted, but definitely not in the way I wanted it. I am glad I waited to write now because I wouldn’t have known half of this stuff the first time around. Take care and I really did enjoy hearing from you. I am sorry that you feel you are not supposed to continue your radio show, but sometimes, all things, even good ones must come to an end.

    Kathy and Ginger

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