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President-Elect Trump:
I’ve decided to write this open letter today, not out of protest the way others have done. Unless some evidence is found that the Russians tampered with the election, it appears you have won fair and square. I wasn’t a person out calling you names after the election, because I knew it would only reflect badly on me. I didn’t vote for you, but you will be just as much my President as you will for those who voted for you. You are blunt, so I’m going to be just as blunt. I’m scared!!!
I am not a rich, able-bodied white male, so I’m asking myself if you really care about me. I have a disability blindness and a mental illness depression. I’m female and not the ideal body type by any stretch of the imagination. I haven’t agreed with other Presidents, but I have always had the sense that if I stepped up to shake their hands, they would be civil and at least act like they cared about me as a citizen. Could you stand to shake the hand of someone like me without muttering something later about me? 
I should clarify that I am not fearful that you’re going to take benefits away from me. Although I don’t have a full time job, my husband does. I bring in a little extra from playing music, and we are well above the poverty line. This doesn’t mean we don’t have struggles as middle class people with disabilities. You’d probably love my blind, double amputee husband, because like Hillary, he’s a stubborn fighter. I haven’t forgotten you said you admired the quality of never quitting. He doesn’t profess to be a Christian, so that may be a strike against him.
By the way, I do profess to be a Christian, although a liberal one. I go to Mass with many undocumented immigrants and see they are trying to do the best they can for themselves and their children. I empathized with the children of these people, as they were in tears the day after you were elected.
If I could ask you one question, it would probably be something like this. What qualities must a person have to be respected by you? Do you have to earn a certain amount of money, profess to be a Christian, or be a certain body type? From comments you’ve made in the past, I get the impression the answer to at least one of these requirements may be yes. I am not asking for sympathy but simply that you keep in mind the majority of your citizenry who are not white, able-bodied and rich as you make decisions about the direction of this country. You are going to be making decisions affecting more than a company or a small group of people. How you conduct yourself and your administration will reflect on this country as a whole, but it will also affect many individuals and families which comprise your constituency. Finally, I will pray for you and hope you can respect the diversity of people which make up these United states. 

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  1. KathyZolo said:

    Hello Rebecca,

    I appreciate what you are saying; however, I would like to ask a couple of things. Depending upon which news media you watched whether it was just the major ones that could do nothing but bash President elect Trump or whether you dove further to the ones that we less watched. Really, at this point, it doesn’t matter. I don’t know how all things will be decided and what actually will happen, but although President elect Trump will have the last say, many others including both Congress, the Senate and the courts will also have their say in jus how his term of office is remembered in history. I personally have had some concerns and to be honest, I didn’t care for either candidate when I first began debating about for whom to vote, but we have voted and now I am just honestly praying for unity of the country and fair treatment of all, no matter what race, religion, or beliefs. The disabled and the people of other races have always had to fight to win their battles and to keep their heads above water. President elect Trumps cabinet is very diverse and from what I see, he has tried to choose women and people of other races. We started out as a democracy, let’s go back to some of those basics. Thanks for making me think about what to pray for during these next 4 years.

    Kathy Zolo

  2. Wow, Rebecca, that is an outstanding letter!

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