News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

It’s a common enough question when we meet someone after Christmas to ask how our Christmas was. Despite my depression the short answer is I received some neat colored lights from my husband. Two out of three are controlled by my phone., and I’m still learning how to work them. One bulb is in my Tiffany Lamp, so I’m relieved to be able to turn it on white for normal use. Phil gave me an Architect’s Lamp and mounted it on the head of our bed. I didn’t know there was such a lamp which is so flexible in pretty much every direction. This light bulb in the Architect’s Lamp not only changes color but it also has a speaker in it. I can have the light on a solid color and listen to a book, or if music is playing through the speaker, an “auto” setting puts on a colored light show as I listen. One of the most unexpected things about the Architect Lamp light is how bright its white setting is. Sometimes when feeling really down, I bring the lamp as close to my face as possible and just let that white light shine in my eye. It’s not set-up to be an official light box for treatment of depression, but it does seem to help. With all the colors it can put out, I’m wondering if its close to full spectrum.
The third light I received is portable and rechargable. It has a wonderful setting for colors, but it also has three different levels of white brightness. That will be great for being on the deck after dark — particularly for our sighted friends.
Every year Phil seems to come up with new colored lights for me. I can’t imagine he can continue this forever, and am amazed when he finds more. This was the year of the “smart light bulb”. 


Comments on: "The year of the “Smart Bulb”" (3)

  1. You sure have a thoughtful and generous husband. I had never heard of the architect night. I am going to have to research that. I love the idea of the light and music being coordinated. Also I like the idea of the rechargeable one for the deck. Do you have the name of that light?

    • I’ll ask Phil about the porteable rechargeable light and get back to you here.

    • As promised, here is a description of the light about what she wanted to know.InnoBeta
      InnoBeta Meteor Rechargeable Portable LED Color Changing Mood Light with Travel Bag, Bedside Lamp with Dimmable Warm White Light + 256 RGB Lights, Outdoor Camping Lantern, Table Lamp, Baby Nightlight
      by InnoBeta

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