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Many Saturday nights I tune in” to my friend Eric on his station to hear him count down Billboard’s On Air chart for the week, and of course, at the end of the year, Eric does the chart for the year. On New Year’s Eve I was tucked up in bed hearing that countdown, and it made me remember all of the other New Year’s Eve’s I spent listening to countdowns of pop songs in the past.

There’s something about a countdown which makes me forget all of of whatever negative is happening in my life. The dog has gone out for the last time and is hypnotized by the fire or lying beside me on his bed. Nothing matters for those hours except the music. Usually with my depression , I can hardly wait to end another day by going to bed early whenever possible. Some of you know this isn’t my usual pattern, as I’m a night owl when not depressed. Eric’s show starts at 9 central, and especially if I don’t play at church on Sunday, you’ll find me either with ear phones in by the fireplace or in bed with one of my new lights going.
Country music of today is like the rock and sometimes even pop of yesterday. Singers even mention rock bands I grew up hearing, as some of them are around my age. There are songs and singers Eric and I really like and others which are almost villains. We call one particular singer “Puke” because he isn’t as good to us as others make him out to be. We root for the songs and singers we love to move up the chart and groan when they don’t. It’s a little like watching a sports game I imagine, although I’m not a sports fan.
I’m always a little sad when the countdown is over, because then things start flooding back. It does help when it’s over it’s time for bed. I used to have that same feeling Sunday nights after the last weekly Countdown finished. I monitored three or four back then. But with the Malt Shop, Sunday is a work day for me and of course the last day Phil is home. There was a pop song with lyrics “Back to life. Back to reality”. That’s a little how I feel when a countdown ends. It’s nice to have something which can suspend reality for a couple hours as The American Music Country Countdown does for me.


Comments on: "Nothing like a good Countdown!!!" (1)

  1. Rebecca, I loved hearing your thoughts on countdowns. It is such an interesting concept and I have a similar little ritual.

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