News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Today Lancer was an angel, and I wasn’t or at least didn’t feel like one. The last couple days have been brutally hot, and aside from the Malt Shop, we didn’t have anywhere to go. Storms were also either forecast or in progress if it wasn’t hot. I’m a very destination oriented traveler and generally don’t get out just to go. Especially in this weather. I’d take the cold over the heat. That doesn’t mean I didn’t feel guilty about staying home. Lancer just seems to be taking it in stride and doesn’t seem restless at all. He did pretty well at both church and the Malt Shop for the first times. At church, people definitely noticed him, but I tried to wait to exit until most people had gone in order not to have Lancer distracted. One little kid distracted Lancer at the Malt Shop. The funniest thing was that somehow he got out of his harness during the latter part of the evening when I was eating.
Today we signed a contract to have our bathroom wall fixed and our tub converted into a shower with a door. It all sounds impressive and like I’m really going to enjoy my showers even more than now. We have the funds, but it’s also a little scary. I tend to be a worry wart about all this, and I’m hopeful nothing goes wrong in the process which should begin in between 7 and 12 weeks. The process takes approximately 3 days, and then we hope there’s not a weekend in there. Spunge baths will be the name of the game.
I start back with my radio shows this week, and probably better start on getting plans underway for at least 1 tonight. Tomorrow we take the Metro van downtown and then work and bus to the vet’s and home. Lancer came to me with a mild ear infection,, and I want to make sure that’s gone. 


Comments on: "Guilt, Worry, bathroom repair, and Lancer." (2)

  1. It sounds like you and Lancer are forming a great partnership! I hear you; I’m a destination traveler too.

  2. Lynn White said:

    Hi Rebecca,

    I hope that Lancer’s ears are much better now.

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