News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.


‘m lying quietly while Mom listens toMichael Jackson in headphones. We had a great first route without an instructor with us. Last week Mom and I targeted a bus bench. I’ve made it my business to show Mom every bus bench at our stops I can find. Because she is a sitter, Mom appreciates it and gives me lots of praise!!! I found two for her today which made our first route extra special.
The Downtown part of our route was new for both of us. Mom had to correct me once for almost tripping her up on an obstacle. We mistook a parking garage for an overhang too, but a retrace of our steps got us back on track. 
We were late for lunch with an out-of-town friend, but she understood. The huans had a great time, and Mom’s attempt to put on the Gentle leader settled me right down. Mom had a Shepherd’s Pie. (Hey, what about a Lab’s Pie? That sounds better anyway). Actually, so did the “Muddy Paws Cheese Cake. Mom ate all of that too, the dog!! Mom treated us to cab ride home, since she didn’t want to do too much on only the first day.  

Comments on: "First Solo Trip Without Instructor!" (3)

  1. Good job you two.

  2. Wow, Lancer, you are the bomb! Targeting all those benches. What a great partner you are to your Mom! You are both lucky to be with each other. I love hearing about your adventures together. Are you doing the malt shop gig together on Sunday? Can’t wait to hear how that goes! And are you brave around water, so you can take your Mom to the swimming pool? Nora in Florida Golden Rescue Molly age 13 3/4 THDX,CGCA,CGCU,ATD,Delta Pet Partner,R.E.A.D.

    Tyler age 1 1/2 SDIT


    • My puppy profile didn’t say anything about being fearful of water. Right now home repairs are above Y memberships, but Mom’s pretty sure I’d do OK in a pool area. Yes, yes yes!! Can’t wait to go back to Malt Shop every Sunday. We also have church today, and I’ll show Mom the piano like a good boy.

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