News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Lancer’s Day 8.

Today was another trip downtown for us. I think I only made one clearance error the entire trip. I’m a serious little worker, and I’m glad Mom notices. Yes Rebecca didn’t give birth to me, but she is definitely a female caregiver, and that’s close enough to Mom for me.
We tried coming in on a different street, but though it was less construction, crossing Nicollet was just as bad along ninth as eighth. Downtown is just going to be a mess, and Nicole reminded Mom there was no shame in asking for assistance when crossing the street when construction is this involved.
The Medical Arts Building was a snap. I enjoyed all three of the offices we visited, but my two favorites were the dentist and the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist let us come into the office proper, not just the waiting room, because the office path was so narrow. We also exited from a different door than we entered, which is a regular occurrence. We had to target the dentist office, which meant lots of clicks and treats for me! Mom doesn’t go there as often, but it’s guaranteed I’ll remember where to go on that floor.
Mom mentioned a friend wanted to meet at Panerra Bread for socializing after appointments, so we went there for human lunch. I kept my nose to myself, so no gentle leader needed to be applied.
Then we redid the IDS building including our trip to the bank via the elevators. Nicole showed Mom the path using a tactile map kit. Little pieces of different shapes are Velcroed onto this cloth board thing. After feeling the route plus our experience there yesterday, it was a lot easier to make the trip. Our trips to Panerra and IDS were during lunch time, and at one point, I even showed Mom a chair!! There are some humans like Nicole who like to stand and others like my mom who enjoy sitting when possible.
We had time before our bus came so Nicole lifted me onto the bus bench to take our ID photo. Mom has to figure out how to permanently put it into her phone before uploading, but it should show up very soon
Tomorrow we do the lightrail to Dad’s office. Then we have one final trip yet to be determined, but it will either be the gas station or targeting a midblock audible pedestrian signal on the way back from an uptown doctor’s office. I showed Mom the office last week, but we didn’t look at that signal.
Mom let me loose from the leash after I parked, but I was so tuckered out, I didn’t do much. She may try again after this next park time and when Phil’s home to see what happens. 


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  1. Lancer,

    You are doing so great. Wow, that’s wonderful you didn’t even need the Gentle Leader! Can’t wait to see your new ID badge.


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