News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Day 6

Today we had one big trip. We went downtown by car to have lunch and then do some work at Target. I learned several things along the way.
1. I am not the slowest walker on the planet. I may not be able to go that far, but I’m a low-average walker.

2. Lancer doesn’t distract easily, and when he does, he’s honest about it. He turned his head toward a guide dog team. Because he doesn’t move his body when distracted, I should go with him whenever he moves unusually.

3. Target doesn’t have in and out doors. In fact, Target wants people to use the narrow, revolving door. I hate revolving doors, and this one is particularly narrow. Instead, there are two regular doors side by side, and either of them is OK to use to enter or exit Target.
This trip was my least stressful yet, because downtown sidewalks are much flatter than the sidewalks in South Minneapolis. There’s more for Lancer to do in terms of construction and people, but I’m getting better at reading his signals. 

Phil went with us this trip to meet Vanessa another TSE grad, for lunch at Brit’s Pub. I had a salad and their White Cheddar Mac and Cheese with peas and bacon. The meal and the conversation were both great.
I couldn’t use the target on the bench, because someone was sitting there, but I healed Lancer while picking up a few things I needed. Having Phil using a cane behind me made me realize how much faster and more efficiently I was moving with Lancer. When Phil gets his next dog, it is likely Lancer and I will take the back, because of how quickly Phil and his dogs tend to move. However, until then, Lancer and I can take a pretty comfortable lead.
Tomorrow Nicole and I will do more downtown work. Then the second trip will be full of traffic checks with another trainer driving them. For those who don’t know, traffic checks are when vehicles pull out in front of us from driveways or turn in front of us. It’s anything which makes a dog need to stop suddenly or even back up. It’s good practice for reading the dogs signals in serious situations.


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  1. I’m enjoying your daily training summaries so much! It’s really interesting to hear exactly what you do. Lancer sounds like quite a dog! Definitely worth the long wait. Looking forward to hearing about the traffic checks.

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