News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Lancer’s Day 5.

The DQ solo went very well, except one retaining wall for which I tried to calculate and didn’t quite make it. So I got the horrible “Pfui” word no Seeing Eye Dog likes to hear. Still if it keeps She Who Writes from being hurt, I suppose it’s necessary. I did it better and was corrected for a couple other mistakes I made. Humans don’t seem to get corrected from my point of view. She Who Writes made a couple little mistakes suggesting a direction too soon and possibly pulling me a little that way. They don’t get that scolding word we guides get.
I was very patient while she put on my booties. Supposedly my predecessor ate the bag in which his booties came. Now RuffWare has made the bag bigger, and I don’t have much interest in it anyway. Give me the stuff on the ground by the DQ picnic tables any day!!! I heard talk of a Gentle Leader on an upcoming trip to curb my nose’s tendency to investigate while the humans sit still. I would rather wear the booties and march around the house like I did this morning. I couldn’t go along with the KC and the Sunshine Band’s slightly modified title Shake Your Booties. They stayed on tight, and having only one strap to concentrate on tightening really helped keep them on my feet.
The Malt Shop went well, and I gained some new fans along the way. Unfortunately I also gained a Gentle Leader when my nose tried to investigate. She who writes didn’t put it on the leash, because I straightened up with that thing on my nose. The humans ordered stuff to go, and I had to lie down or at least sit with all those good smells emitting from the front seat. Tonight and tomorrow night we’ll be chilling, and trying to ignore the war zone happening outside for the 4th of July. The Mystery Man has the holiday off, and he’ll be joining us for lunch along with Vanessa and her Shepherd Fiona. Last night at supper I heard talk of big Shepherds and I swear I sensed the Mystery Man (who is a lot less of a mystery now) practically salivate with excitement. My puppyhood best friend was a Shepherd, so having one around might be cool.
After lunch, we’re going to do some clicker training at Target. She who writes has a tough time finding the door, and there’s a bench where she likes to sit and wait for help rather than standing. So I’ll have two targets at Target. (Just a little humor for you all).
Speaking of humor, some may call me a platinum blonde, although She Who Writes calls me her Cream Pup. Anyway, I am serious about my mistakes at work, so She Who Writes gives herself the “Phui” word for the wrong acronym!!! Of course, She Who Writes should have been SWW, not SWR. 


Comments on: "Lancer’s Day 5." (3)

  1. Enjoying hearing your training sessions!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. KathyZolo said:

    Hello Rebecca,

    Thanks so much for taking the time to write to us! I know you have many other things on your mind, but it is fascinating to hear how other schools train their dogs. I truly believe that each school has something that can be worth passing on to other dog handlers. Lancer sounds like a very special dog and keep up the great work!

    Kathy and Ginger

  3. Yes, I wondered about that acronym! LOL

    Two targets at Target! Lancer, you are quite the clever guy. Sounds like things are going swimmingly!

    Nora in Florida Golden Rescue Molly age 13 3/4 THDX,CGCA,CGCU,ATD,Delta Pet Partner,R.E.A.D.

    Tyler age 1 1/2 SDIT

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