News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

The mystery man arrived home last night!!! I had to get some pets from him, because it was like a light bulb turned on in my head. This is the person I have been smelling everywhere but have been unable to find.
The instructor and she who writes were disappointed the bank wasn’t open today. I was very happy, because they used clicker training to teach me where a bus bench was. My favorite part was the a stage for association when I just had to touch the target with my nose to get a click and treat. We did this about 20 times before moving on to b for back chaining. I worked away from the bench and then as we were going toward it she who writes used a dutch word zuk which means to find or touch. Each time I touched, I got a click and treat. Then during the c stage, for completion, the target was taken and I had to show her the bench itself before I got the click and treat.

Before we walked three blocks to a favorite restaurant of the Mystery Man and She Who Writes, the same clicker training thing was done at the church. I know how to find that piano very well!! While they ate, I looked for stuff on the floor very subtly, but came out pretty empty and disappointed. Life is hard being Lancer the Lab!!!
Tomorrow morning we do the DQ route again, but She Who Writes is a little more nervous. It’s a solo, which means no instructor warning us about stuff on the way. It’s basically two straight blocks but still … SWR is nervous about misreading me. I’m getting more confident every day, and I think SWR is too.
I love working with SWR, but not sure about love or partnership yet. I sense she loves me and feels protective of me. I definitely do the same for her when working, But I’ve been through this gig before and don’t know about giving my heart to this creature yet.


Comments on: "Day 4 from a different Point of View." (3)

  1. Lancer, I loved hearing about your fourth day with SWR. I think you guys are going to be a great team. But you are smart to take things slow. Congratulations on your great clicker training. I had heard of back chaining, but wasn’t sure what it was. You explained it so clearly! I’ll be thinking of you during your solo.

  2. Janice Warrington said:

    Becky, you are such a great creative writer! I loved reading this and pray that Lancer will give his heart to you soon.

  3. KathyZolo said:

    Hi Rebecca and Lancer,

    Well, Lancer, it will get much much better as time goes on. I know you are in your home to stay so all you have to do now is finish up training and I know that both you and Rebecca will do just fine. Have a good trip tomorrow.

    Kathy and Ginger who is sleeping

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