News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Day 3 Take 2

We had a pretty quiet night, and Lancer handles music and sound reactive lights ok.
This morning we went to the DQ two blocks away and had plenty of polls and beams for correcting mistakes. In addition to the obedience before the trip, we did some initial clicker work. First I learned how to click and treat keeping my hand away from the pouch until a second or two after clicking. Then Nicole said a series of numbers, and whenever she said the number 4 I was supposed to click and treat. Finally, She held the target on a telescoping stick, and Lancer hit the bell on the target to get a click and treat. Clicker training is optional, and I am still not sold on this, but will go to the next stage of putting the target on the door.
Lancer was silly at park time midday. He must have peed when I didn’t know it, because he started rolling around in the grass. Then he found a toy in the toy box I’m pretty confident about but not quite. it’s a hard rubber stick thing with a ball attached at each end Phil calls a dumb bell.
This is written later in the day. Turns out we have two dumb bells, and of course he wants to play with the squishy one which isn’t as good for him. It looks more indestructible than the stuffed toys his puppy raisers warned me against. It’s the first toy he’s shown more than a second’s interest in having near him.
This afternoon we did two mini trips in the car. First stop was parking away from our doctor’s office. We’re planning to take the bus next week, and we’ll deal with the midblock crossing with the audible pedestrian signal. Today was just to approach the driveway in which the office is located. This meant more work on suggestive lefts and rights. Then it was off to the vets to hand over his paper work . We approached it and the bus stop to come home . He showed me both perfectly.
Lancer is very relaxed around the piano being played, so now I can do that assuming Phil doesn’t come home tonight. Phil is one frustrated man, because no one is answering his calls. The diagnosis for the skin disorder is one of two things, and the second is a medication reaction. I don’t want to say the first in case I’m wrong about it. Phil wants to be home in the worst way, and I think he’ll be pretty upset if they keep him another night. 
I had Lancer’s puppy profile read. He grew up with a 20-something couple and their Black Lab who was just a year older. His best friend was a German Shepherd’ named Howy.
It turns out he was with another graduate for three months who decided a dog didn’t fit in with her lifestyle. He seems perfect for mine, so he’s not going anywhere … unless it’s to guide me. 


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