News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

New Dog News

We’re down to a week before the new dog comes. I am canceling all my gigs per direction from The Seeing Eye. Nicole will help me get in position to do gigs, but her supervisor Tom feels full gigs are too soon for training.
The big news is that there has been a dog switch. I was supposed to get a male 75 percent Lab, 25 percent Golden. Now I’ll be getting a pure Yellow Lab, because Tom feels he’s an even better match for me. Still my “Mellow, Yellow Fellow”. Just no Golden in him.
I am finally to the point where excitement is overshadowing worry, which is good. I wasn’t sure about my gigs and was kind of guessing. I also missed a deadline about getting food which had me upset. However, Tom reassured me Nicole will bring some food allowing me to get some next week. It won’t exactly be in time for new dog day June 29th, but with Nicole bringing food, we’ll be fine.
We have a wedding to attend this weekend, and then Wednesday will be here before we know it. My last day of training is Friday July 8, I’ll try to write about training, but no promises. I am relieved to say there will be no radio shows during training. Fortunately, both of my station managers have been dog handlers and know the stress of training.


Comments on: "New Dog News" (1)

  1. Oh Rebecca I am so happy for you!
    Can’t wait to hear updates.

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