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Prince and Birthdays

In the wake of Prince’s death, informal celebrations of his life have been occurring here in Minneapolis. There have also been discussions about our celebrity culture and how some feel celebrities’ lives are over-celebrated, dead or alive. I don’t believe in celebrating a celebrity’s life just because he or she is a celebrity. However, when Michael Jackson died, I celebrated his life listening to the memorial service and for many times since. Yes, some celebrity connections can be unhealthy, but I felt such a connection while he lived. Why wouldn’t I celebrate that connection when he was gone? the same thing seems to be occurring on a wider scale in Prince’s beloved Minneapolis, and we are just finding out Prince went beyond celebrity into being a good neighbor and humanitarian to the city and people he loved.
My birthday is Monday, and I’ll be 44 years old. As I’ve talked to my sisters after they have had children, they express their birthdays aren’t as important now as their children’s birthdays. I obviously can’t make a good comparison having never had children. I celebrate my dogs’ birthdays, but of course, they aren’t aware of why one day is anymore special than another. They’re happy to be celebrated whenever we feel like giving them some love.
I’ve been asked why at 44 I still love my birthday as much as I do. After all, I’m an adult, and it’s just another reminder I’m aging. Prince’s celebrations have reminded me that people are celebrating just because he was alive. Yes, he made movies and music, but it seems to go beyond that. A birthday is a day when we non-celebrities get to experience what celebrities experience much more often. In his book, Michael talks about people applauding just because he happens to be in the audience. He’s not the main attraction, but people applaud anyway. My birthday is a little like that for me. People are celebrating just because I’m here, and I don’t earn those celebrations or extra tokens of love. People feel strongly enough about my being born or present to do whatever they do to help me celebrate. Perhaps it’s because I *don’t have kids that my birthday is more important. After all, there’s no mother’s day celebration for me. It’s Christmas which is more of a kids time of year with Santa etc. As an adult, I am more focused on Christ’s birth, and gratitude for the people I love. A birthday is a special day which feels like it’s just mine. I love it so much I created a Facebook group called Born 425. So far it hasn’t gone much of anywhere, but just like my birthday, I’m not willing to give up on it.
So I’ll anticipate Monday when I have a friend taking me to an appointment to have a new prosthetic eye made. (Phil’s not the only one with prosthetics in this house). I planned it, so I’d be able to go out for lunch and not be stuck alone that day. There’s a Culver’s near the Occulist, and that’s lunch. Supper is with a group of people we call “Dinner Delvers”. We go out to a different restaurant once a month, and it’s tradition that the birthday person gets to choose that month. Wok in the Park has become tradition for me in the last 4 years. One of the family members who owns the restaurant also has a birthday on the 25th. Another is a beloved Metro Mobility Driver and sometimes chef. The siblings often sing together, and their harmonious version of “Happy birthday” has brought me to tears.
I’m excited about the day for two more reasons. My husband is very talented at finding gifts I will really like, and it’s so cool to learn what he’s found each year. This year, there’s an extra special reason to celebrate my birthday, which typically goes on for the week. I learned last week the Trainer Manager has been out of touch, because he’s found a dog for me. He told me I’ll learn more about him (I know he’s looking at males) this week. Any little tidbit of info will make this birthday extra special, and I’ll be glad to see my late present arrive.

Comments on: "Prince and Birthdays" (4)

  1. Happy birthday and have a great day.

  2. Happy Birthday, Rebecca! I am so excited about your Seeing Eye Dog!!!

  3. Shannon Kennedy said:

    I’m glad you enjoy celebrating your birthday! Hope it’s thr best one yet!! I thought of you a few times since hearing of Prince’s death. Our music conversations of old were always focused on the King rather than Prince. Wondering how well you liked/respected his artistry. Good luck at your appointment tomorrow!

    • I don’t think I could be an appreciator of pop without appreciating and respecting his artistry. I tend to enjoy things less popular than Purple Rain like his 2015 album. As much as I enjoy laughing about sex jokes, I like it when he’s a little less explicit, because then we can focus more on the music. BTW, did you know his birthday is 4 days after yours on the 7th?

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