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There’s a song by Wilburn and Wilburn called “You Asked Him To Leave” which has really upset me for the last week, but although I disagree with part of it’s message, I’m considering buying it due to it’s extremely great musicianship. In the first verse, they outline a school shooting in which 3 children are killed. People are asking why God allowed this to happen, and “Old Mr. Carter” reminds us that we asked God to leave. “You wanted it that way”. He rightly says God’s not responsible for causing our pain but then argues God wasn’t there. This is because we asked God to Leave.
In the second verse, the story is extended into the whole world full of violence, unrest, no peace or churches. In the song the “people who wanted God gone” stand confused wondering what went wrong. “You wanted it that way.”
I understand and agree with the message that we can’t suddenly call on and blame God only when there’s a tragedy. But did we ask God to leave, and even if the answer to that is yes, did God really leave?
I understand the frustration with political correctness, but I also understand we are a melting pot of people here in America. Although we may have Christian roots,, part of the reason this country was founded was the freedom of religion, and that doesn’t just apply to “a particular denomination, sect, or brand: We all have this precious freedom, and that includes the people in this country who are not Christian. It’s very hard for me to consider the ideals of the religious right which would be to forcibly have group prayer in school. I’M a Christian, but even in my small schools, I grew up with people who had to abstain from certain activities on religious grounds. Conservative Christians would rightly chafe at having forced prayers to the Muslim Allah in schools. It’s difficult for me to understand how keeping group religious activities outside school can be seen as asking God to leave.
One of the very basic things we learn as little Christians is that God is everywhere. God is especially everywhere a believer goes, so if there is even one believer in that school, God is there. As individuals, we are free to acknowledge God no matter where we are, but we just can’t acknowledge God as a group. Therefore, I’d like to argue that true believers haven’t asked God to leave and remain close to their God at all times.
There’s another message in this song I just find abhorrent, and that is whatever is going wrong, it’s because God has been left out of the school, government, society. I don’t believe in a God who would abandon me simply because I don’t participate in group prayer in a particular setting. Nor do I believe that God’s protection is gone from people who believe simply because we don’t express that belief as a group. The part of this argument I really can’t stand is that if we don’t acknowledge God as a group, we deserve every bad thing that’s coming to us. If only we start praying in schools again, the bad stuff would stop. I personally don’t think the bad stuff would stop and in fact would probably get worse due to the resentment of those who do not worship the God being acknowledged in a group and public way.
I am not going to say I don’t have my own issues with some Muslims. The ones who won’t take my dog in their cab in the name of religion are particularly odious to me. I’m not a fan of terrorists either, but we shouldn’t forget Christians, too have performed great violence in the name of our God.
This whole thing comes down to basic respect. In this instance and others, I think Christian Conservatives have lost track of “love thine enemy”. How is it loving our fellow man to force prayer to a particular God in the public arena? I don’t think it is.


Comments on: "Did We Ask God To Leave? If so, did God Leave?" (1)

  1. KathyZolo said:

    Hello Rebecca,

    I fully understand what you are saying by forcing people to pray to one God, but my response is this. Why are we supposed to keep giving concessions, especially to the Muslems, who can have almost whatever they want in a public place, even though not all people are Muslim. I know they have religious beliefs and must pray at certain times, but to me, those are personal preferences and I believe that tax money is being used to help them to receive accommodations for their needs. This is definitely a touchy subject, but I am very thankful that I live in a land where we are supposed to be able to worship and carry out our beliefs freely, and in a lot of cases involving Christians and other groups, their personal beliefs are being trampled over just because they may no longer be in the majority. I think the big question is, does the government have the right to determine the laws in this land or whatever happened to constitutional amendments in order to change longstanding laws? I have no real answers, but personally, I just try to live out my faith in the best way I can and wonder how long it will be before I come up against someone with differening views forcing me to do something that I cannot in good conscience do. Anyway, thanks for sending such a thought-provoking question.

    Kathy Zolo

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