News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

My blog is going to be really busy this week. Just a warning. I have things to write about our trip, the new radio station situation, and maybe something else. Right now though, I want to tell you about a very short trip I had to make and from which I just returned.

I had to go to the bank for a couple reasons, but one was more urgent. Phil can’t use his Gofer bus card on Metro which means that despite coupons going away, we’ll continue to get a big quantity of $1 bills to pay for rides. I came home to discover that after his cash this morning, we had $2 in $1 bills left. So off to the bank I went. I had something scheduled, so I knew it had to be a quicker trip than Metro Mobility cabs would have supplied. Therefore, I called our regular taxi company. On the way there, I offered my driver Mohammad the option of a round trip, since my business would only take five to ten minutes. He said he couldn’t do that, because he had to pick up his kids. I paid my fare, but had no change for a tip. This is when he told me if I could wait twenty minutes, he could come back. Mohammad was as good as his word. I conducted my business and came back out, when someone said my driver was waiting. Then we got home. I should say here my short term memory is horrible because of the medication I take. When I pulled out my wallet, I wanted to double the fee, since I made two trips plus add a tip for both. I’d already forgotten that I paid him the first time. Mohammad could have taken the money, and I wouldn’t have realized the error, but he was honest and reminded me of my previous payment. I was very impressed and plan to make a report to his company. 


Comments on: "The taxi driver who “didn’t take me for a ride" (2)

  1. OlRedHair said:

    Very refreshing to hear of such honesty.

  2. Cindy Flerman said:

    Hi Again, Rebecca,

    I just have to add one or two thoughts to my last message.

    I wish you could have known Pedro. Lukas saw him last November and the first words he said were: What a great dog!

    Pedro was still in great shape until the vestibular syndrome happened. Even now, he looks great and his work has been great. He did have renal disease and was on a special diet but we were monitoring him, and testing every six months to see where it was. The vestibular though has made enough changes that the call from the school probably came at the right time. As I said, I notice he has been a bit more tired than usual. But so many people, including Lukas, couldn’t believe he was 12, and now 13. He has been a very special dog, my third nine-year match and I’ve been very blessed to have him.

    I would appreciate if you would pray for both of us and the new dog, that we make as smooth a transition as possible. Pedro is a smart and sensitive dog. It may take time; then again, I’d be very happy if he surprised me and just accepted things the way he usually does.

    Thanks for reading, Cindy

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