News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.


Comments on: "I’m in bed early, because it’s so cold here! I am so sick of cold; and things have been better with both doors. Phil is learning all he can but says he is probably coming to the end of what he can be taught. Garron is adjusting there beautifully, and the couple times he landed on the wound it didn’t seem to hurt. Phil says it probably didn’t do much to help the healing, which is the other reason he is still there. He’s hoping the pre-release meeting is scheduled for this week. He’s still on oral pain medication which makes him drowsy, but he is still himself. We’re saving our money on transit and just using the phone, because it’s likely we’ll have to cover whatever insurance won’t in buying  a wheelchair. It will be better for getting around the house than that monster walker he has. Toward the tale end of rehab, he and a physical therapist will visit the home to get modifications settled. There may need to be a crab bar near the toilet, and even one of my sighted friends says she can’t envision how it will be done.I’m trying not to worry about the days ahead, but have concerns both dealing with Phil’s coming home and not related to it at all. After sending this, it’s time to escape under warm blankets and into a good book." (1)

  1. Kathy Zolo said:

    Hello Rebecca, I am glad to hear Phil is doing well and that Gerron is doing well there also. I think everyone is more than sick of this cold. Don’t worry too much, everything will come into place. It is probably good that they will come out to the home to see what changes need to be made before Phil comes home. It will all work out, but I know where you are. Please pet Zain for me either now or when you get up. Hugs, Kathy Zolo


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