News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

I’ve been sending Facebook posts, but haven’t been good about updating blog readers. Things have happened so quickly that it seemed wise to wait until things slowed down a bit.

I believe when I last wrote, Phil was headed for an angiogram to examine a possible blockage in his leg. The blockage was quite sizable affecting all three arteries, so he was scheduled for a bypass surgery to create an alternate route for blood flow. He had that surgery on January 23rd and was back in the OR less than 24 hours later to get rid of a hematoma which is a glob of blood under the skin which is quite painful!! The hemtoma was the result of the doctor using blood thinners during the first surgery. The blood thinnerso were stopped, and the wound from the surgery grew bigger after the second.

Monday Phil was back in the OR for the doctors to sew at least one side of the wound. However, while in surgery, it was discovered that the bypass graft done on Friday had clotted. I heard from two doctors that Moday the 26th, and both sounded very grim. They opened the graft with balloons, but were pretty sure it would clot again. They warned us that if it did, amputation was the next step. The doctors said they felt due to the tinyness of Phil’s arteries in his foot, it would eventually come down to the leg coming off. They also told me on some sort of blood flow scale, healing occurred at 50. The blood flow in Phil’s leg was at 7.
Phil was in a tremendous amount of pain, and true to their word, when they went to sew another part of the wound on Friday the 30th, despite the low dose of blood thinners, the graft had clotted. Phil agreed to amputation Saturday the cannotast asking the doctor to try to keep it below the knee like his other leg. The amputation was Monday February 2nd. So now he suffers the post-amputation pain. As a reminder, this makes him a double amputee. He’s still determined to come home rather than going to a rehab center. I understand his reasons, but being the one responsible when the professionals have left really worries me a great deal!! Still I understand the motivation to get up will be stronger knowing his way around the house rather than some strange rehab center. There is quite a bit of pain yet to be managed, and the physical and occupational therapists are now just starting to get him out of bed. The very earliest any release will occur is the first part of next week.

Garron is at friends’ so Zane and I can come and go without leaving him alone. I am trying to avoid visiting Phil when therapists are likely to work with him. Zane and I could be physical obstacles, and listening to him enduring pain is difficult enough on the phone or live when he’s still in bed.


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