News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Kragnes Carol, 2014

[To the tune of verses to The First Nowell. Feel free to sing the song’s chorus after each verse.)

1. The First Nowell, the Zangel did say, To a German Shepherd he met on his way,
To the stable where animals of the Earth,
Welcomed the Holy Family and witnessed Christ’s birth.

2. When they looked up, and saw a Star,
Indicating the stable was not that far.
And just ahead, three gentlemen wise,
Were laden with some things which were of great size.

3. Along with small packs, they carried by scores,
Were a heavy cooler and two bulky, steel doors.
What the cooler held, the Zangel dreamed,
Thinking of all that good food made his brown eyes gleam!

4. The Cooler contain, a great gift of life’
A kidney to end Phil’s dialysis strife.
As for the doors, they’d keep out each storm,
And help keep the Kragnes house cool or warm.

5. The Shepherd knew, that radio software,
With a hard drive would bring Rebecca to the Internet air.
For those who ask, of the small packs’ contents,
Of course, gold myrrh and frankincense.

6. The dogs reflected as they trod,
Doors, software and kidney were gifts from God.
Just as they are, in our lives and this sceen,
We wish you a safe, happy 2015.


Comments on: "Kragnes Carol, 2014" (1)

  1. Smile! I like that! Merry Christmas to you, Phil, and of course the dogs!

    Sent from my iPhone


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