News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Catching up my readers

Hello blog readers.

I honestly don’t remember when I blogged last. Life has been kind of crazy. Phil went back into the hospital super Bowl Sunday. I only mention it, because it was hard to find a ride to get Garron back home to me. Phil wasn’t expecting to be admitted when he made a clinic visit, but the bloating was just on much.

It was discovered during his stay that the bloating is due to pockets of fluid in his gut. Then it took another day to convince doctor’s to try a medication which had worked getting fluid into the system where the kidney could help get rid of it. Meanwhile, Phil asked me to keep Garron at home, because he felt he had been uprooted too many times in the last weeks. I skipped my Malt Shop gig, but on Super Bowl Sunday it’s pretty dead there anyway. I had my Tuesday appointments by phone, and Phil got home Wednesday evening. This was just in time, because I had an appointment on Thursday I had rescheduled three times. I had to go, and I was not looking forward to hearing Garron cry due to being left alone in the house.

As for the bloating, some of the fluid has exited, but there’s still a lot around his middle. It’s hard to be motivated to drink as they want him to do when he feels so bloated to start.

Both of us had tempers snap today, but stress will do that.

Phil was already backing at the clinic today, and although the numbers continued to come down during the hospital stay, they’ve stopped moving which has everyone concerned. Doctors adjusted his medication, and he has to return Monday. If they haven’t moved by then, a biopsy may be scheduled. Nobody wants that, so if you pray, pray for lower numbers.

Speaking of prayers, a friend of my wrote a blog entry to which I’ll provide a link at the end of this one. I have had very similar experiences to hers, and it’s nice that she’s written it so succinctly yet clearly.

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