News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Admitted to hospital again

Here’s the latest. Phil went to clinic where they tried severl things to unlock the traffic jam in his intestines. Nothing seemed to work so he’s been admitted to the hospital yet again. The nurse just read me doctor’s notes saying there’s no visible blockage in the latest set of X-rays. Yet other X-rays show something very different. one of Phil’s coworkers who brought Garrn home to me can clearly see how distended the stomach is. Garron will remain with me and Zane this time. Phil doesn’t want him outside of the home environment. This means I’ll have to do appointments by phone or reschedule them. I had to cancell my Malt Shop gig because of this, but if I had to miss, tonight was a good one to skip. The superbowl has most people’s attention anyway. I’m a strange combination of worried and angry. I saw improvement after some interventions, and then things took a bad turn last night. Hopefully Phil can advocate for himself to get what he needs. I can only do so much by phone here.


Comments on: "Admitted to hospital again" (2)

  1. Penny Reeder said:

    Rebecca, So sorry to hear this. I hope they can figure out what’s going wrong and fix it! Meanwhile, cuddle up with the doggies – maybe their kisses will help.

  2. Doris and Chris said:

    checking in from the hospital here in Berlin myself. Found to be diabetic. In retrospect probably been diabetic for a couple of years at least. fortunately am able to tolerate medication. A Praise with my multiple medication allergies. Kidneys and everything else fine, praise God. However, blood sodium went dangerously low while here. Had to think whether to allow for extended life support. Need advice on that one.

    Praying for you guys and hoping Mr. Phil will make spedy and complete recovery.

    In his grip of grace!

    Doris and Chris from Berlin, Germany

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