News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Well, it’s just Zane and me, as I had Garron picked up by his puppy people. This day hasn’t been one of the best in the world. It started with not getting much in the way of sleep last night. Over the weekend Phil started complaining of abdominal swelling and bloating. At clinic many of the kidney numbers were going in the right direction. It was the weekend and MLK Day, and the doctors on call didn’t seem overly concerned about the distended stomach like the nurses who were. Then yesterday a bladder scan showed that not all urine was exiting, so a Foley Catheter was inserted to make sure it did. A straight catheter was suggested. This would have meant every time Phil had to use the bathroom, he’d have to catheterize himself to make sure he got it all. A Foley is a catheter which stays in more until things are straightened out. It attaches to a bag which is emptied of urine. The day bag goes around the ankle, and the overnight bag is bigger. However the tube for overnight does not allow for very much body movement. Phil has had plenty of Foley Catheters in the hospital. I’ve never heard him complain about discomfort with it. I grew concerned last night as he said it was uncomfortable. It was also getting harder over the past days to bend over and grab dropped objects or even tie his shoes. Then there was last night! I’ve had many dialysis nights of trying to wait to go to bed until after Phil settles down. Waiting also means not having to get out of bed to go get stuff for him. Last night it got later and later with few signs of settling down. I felt like a traitor when I kept having thoughts that Phil really needed to be in the hospital instead of here. The overnight bag was a lot less comfortable than the day bag. He just couldn’t stay comfortable in bed between the Foley and his distended stomach / bloating. The plan was to keep him on this Foley Catheter until he could be fit in at Urology middle of next week. The visiting nurse who took his Labs noticed the distended stomach but didn’t make any recommendations. He was due to go to clinic tomorrow. He ate a little, but it kept getting worse as the day went on. i said that if I knew who to call and talk to about this, I would. I felt strongly that he shouldn’t have to be so uncomfortable for a week — groaning in the day and crying at night — simply because he wasn’t able to be fit into a schedule. I had the idea of him talking to his transplant coordinator and even offered to do it for him. Phil talked to her, she made calls, and it was recommended he go to the ER. A friend took him for me, because a cab ride sitting in back sounded far less comfortable to him with everything going on. Garron stayed here with me, and we both had a good cry on the floor. I couldn’t find what Phil wanted me to find toward the end and even had trouble putting his shoe on. He left here about 2:45 and was admitted around 7:00. I briefly talked to the nurse who said that his admission was due to his high level of Triponen (SP) which indicates a heart attack or heart stress of some kind. Both the nurse and I are guessing the extra fluid onboard is probably the main cause of this number. So tomorrow I do this physical exam. I hope it goes as well as the dentist did. My rides are not ideal. The appointment is at one thirty, and they couldn’t get me a ride home until 4:30. Then tomorrow night is the support group. I definitely need it after all this stuff. Leading to Phil’s admission.


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