News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Phil and weekend plans

I’m finally getting smart in my old age and pasting the same update in Facebook and my blog, so everyone sees the same thing. The Audioboo update for Twitter users will be a little different for obvious reasons.

I thought about going to the bank today. Though the temperatures were wonderful, the forecast called for drizzle and icy conditions. I found a ride to the bank tomorrow morning and then to the hospital.

Some people want you to pray for peace. Phil and I would like you to pray for pee. There’s a little more urine production but not a lot of it. Medical professionals assure us it may be slow.

I found a message from a social worker on my cell phone about setting up metros to and from the infusion center. I’m unclear about what that’s about but will talk to Phil when I see him tomorrow. He and I talked briefly on the phone tonight, and although short visits — especially on Sunday — would probably be a good thing, we’re keeping calls to family for now. He has a hard time holding the phone, so they will be short phone calls. He’s having some pain in his abdomen, but with the pain medication, it’s not unreasonable. The pain medications are causing visual hallucinations, but since he’s totally blind, he knows they are hallucinations. He doesn’t think they will be a problem when he and I attend transplant classes tomorrow. There are two hours of classes starting eleven to noon and then again from one to two. One is a general transplant class, and the second is about medications. I can’t remember what got in the way of attending them last time, but I really feel like I had better be on top of things this time. I’m going to attempt to record the classes for family members who are interested in hearing them.

It will be a big day for him with classes, moving to a regular floor, and probably dialysis. I’ll be playing for Mass tomorrow night and Sunday morning. Then I’m off to the Malt shop on Sunday afternoon.

There’s a little talk of releasing him Monday, but if he has to get rides to infusion and dialysis in one day, I think I’d rather see him monitored a little more closely than I can —especially if we haven’t seen a marked improvement in urine production.


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