News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

dogs and pee

No, this isn’t going to be a post about any dogs having accidents, thank Goodness! Certainly there could have been room for that Thursday morning as I accidentally turned my alarm off on my phone when messing with some other settings. Zane tried to get me up, but I resisted thinking I’d wait for the alarm. Luckily, the dogs were angels and didn’t have trouble.

I did get Garron off to his puppy sitter family. It was discovered that the sickness was not contagious, so Lisa could come get Garron after work. They have other animals at home, and Garron is given far more and better attention than I could ever give him. Zane was starting to be a little clingy due to my giving Garron so much of my attention. I made one mistake which got Garron worked up. I put the food out on the porch so Zane couldn’t get to it. After the dogs came in, I thought perhaps I should have his leash out there too. I shouldn’t have picked up that leash, because then Garron knew something was going to happen which made him anxious. Lisa and her family are the next best thing to Phil, so luckily it was exciting when she came to get him, but I unnecessarily put him through 45 minutes of anxiety. I’m used to getting into Zane’s mind but not Garron’s.

If I’m going to be alone for a while, I need to be able to go places without worrying about Garron at home. Now Zane and I have that ability. We did go to the support group I mentioned. It’s called “Well Spouses” and it’s for spouses of chronically ill people. It felt great to hear about situations other than ours, even though we are still thankful for the transplant.

Urine is not being produced yet, and although the medical professionals say that’s normal, Phil and I are a little worried. Phil is drinking a little and hasn’t started eating yet. They are trying to take things extremely slowly. He was given Lasix tonight which is a medication for producing urine or more commonly called a “water pill”. Nurses tell me his mood is being affected by the kidney’s not producing urine, and it didn’t help that he had to be dialyzed to get rid of extra fluid build-up. He’s been sitting up in a chair but hasn’t had much movement other than that. I think movement will help lift his mood at least a little, and perhaps it will help urine production too. Physical therapy couldn’t work with him a lot because of dialysis. I pray the kidney ‘wakes up” soon. He has medication for pain, and he is sore due to the incision.

I was also relieved when I learned he had the tube in his nose going down his throat taken out. He sounded terribly congested during our two-minute phone conversation, and I was very worried it was a cold or something. I wasn’t told about the tube in his nose until after it had come out.


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  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Good morning Rebecca. I’m glad there were no doggie accidents, smile. I never thought about a group for well spouses of ill spouses, but I would think it would be very very helpful. How long was Phil on the transplant list this time before receiving a kidney, and did it come from a live donor or a deceased donor? Perhaps over the weekend, he will begin producing urine.  Keep us posted please, which you do very well. Big hugs to you and Phil, Jeanie and Trudy

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