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Kragnes Kard and Karol, 2013

To the Tune of “My Favorite Things”
All year long we try to be self-sufficient.
But like most people we are not omniscient.
We still need help. Upon others we lean.
Here are our helpers in 2013.
Some help’s professional some volunteer.
We reimburse costs for some who are here.
Paid or unpaid or somewhere in between,
Appreciated help, 2013!
When the mice squeaked,
A dog was sick,
Both would drive us mad.
We called on our helpers in 2013, to maintain the Kragnes pad.

Help with the lawn and not only snow shoveled,
Fixing our dryer when it was in trouble.
A mom and son who helped keep the house clean.
Some of our helpers in 2013.
One with her own verse, our volunteer reader.
Came once a week as we really did need her,
Read mail, tossed many a print magazine,
Essential helper in 2013.
Read directions,
Sensitive when,
Had to read bad news,
Without a good reader in 2013, we’d most likely have the blues.

Thanks to the radio people who broadcast,
Whether it’s live or replayed on a podcast.
To uplift moods they don’t have to be seen.
They made a difference in 2013.
Outside the home, healthcare and transportation,
Requiring many folks’ participation.
To name them would need an infinite screen,
Important helpers in 2013.
Lots of therapists,
Getting there and back.
Without these great helpers in 2013, our lives would be so off-track!

Watching dogs while we were in the hospital,
Being there when we were stressed, just a little,
List’ning and reading when life felt so mean.
You were our helpers in 2013.
A constant presence at home or an errand,
This last verse is for our Zane and our Garron,
Smart, loving puppy-dogs with eyes so keen.
Very big helpers in 2013!
Right before us,
The last chorus,
Then the letter ends.
So Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all family and friends!


Comments on: "Kragnes Kard and Karol, 2013" (2)

  1. Bonnie Clark said:

    From Bonnie: I always look forward to your clever renditions. Just know you are worth it and appreciated too.

    Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2013 02:16:38 +0000 To:

  2. I always love your Karol! Wishing you and Phil a very Merry Christmas.

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