News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

These past few days have been a mixed blessing. I did pretty well at my IDS Crystal Court gig allowing me to pay for dinner and the cleaning for this week. I’m at about ninety percent and have finished the antibiotics. That’s good, because I maybe out shoveling snow tomorrow.

Phil’s hearing is not back to normal yet. He tells me every human voice sounds like a smurf. The antibiotics have also caused periods of extreme stomach upset, heart burn, and acid reflux. He landed in the ER this morning, because some bumps on his skin began bleeding over the weekend and wouldn’t stop. Some were skin tags which he freely admits he should have left alone. But in other cases, he didn’t know what started the bleeding. When on anticlotting medication, things don’t scab over as easily. We don’t know of a lot of Over the Counter things to stop bleeding. They had some foam which seemed to seal off the bleeding.

I had a fairly good night at the Malt Shop which allowed me to buy Phil’s lunch when he forgot to make it today and was in a hurry to get to the ER.

Saturday night after dinner, I received word that the Internet radio station called MushroomFM ceased broadcasting. I never dreamed when I wrote the Open Letter to Present and past MushroomFM Staff that it would be so soon after there would be no more MushroomFM. Yes, I would have loved to broadcast there, but that’s not the main reason I’m sad. I was intrigued when I found out the station had the same birthday as mine — give or take only a few years. Their slogan was “The Home of the Fun-Guys”. They threw elaborate birthday weekend events. During the second birthday weekend in 2012, we went on a virtual cruise on the Good ship Fungus. This year the birthday celebrations were held in the Aagarette Castle in Scotland. There were drawings for big prizes at the end of each celebration. I won a Mushroom FM Tote bag in 2012 and this year a MushroomFM keychain shaped like the castle with its four turrets blasting out the music genre of the presenter for which each was named. As in Harry Potter, listeners and “Fun-Guys” stayed in each turret, and points could be given or taken away from each turret by “Fun-Guys”. I think of the Shroom every time I touch it. The presenters also put together a murder mystery to solve this year. At each birthday celebration, they played the first song ever on the station “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” by Wang Chung and another song I really thought was the stations anthem called “Keeping the Dream Alive”. It was the first time I’d ever heard the song or the group, and I fell in love with it.

In the summer there was MushroomStock at Fungus field where an audio virtual concert atmosphere was created, and through the power of live digital music, musicians long broken up reunited, and the dead rose for one last hurrah.

I was only around for one Christmas countdown. We all submitted our top ten favorite Christmas songs, and they were tallied and played over several hours. I wisely put my top ten in a folder and listened to them today. I considered that one of my final gifts from MushroomFM

Most of the presenters were blind, but not all of them. There are other stations with blind DJ’s, but I haven’t heard any with the consistent professionalism across DJ’s as as on the Shroom. The Shroom had over 40 presenters and the most live programming in its genre.

I valued the fact that the Shroom kept podcasts of the latest shows available for listeners. If I couldn’t hear something, I could always grab the podcast or listen to a replay of it in “the Can” which was on when there was no live programming. I’m glad I kept copies of some of the shows including the Christmas countdown. Tonight I listened to the last show ever broadcast on the station, and the next to last song was “Keeping the Dream Alive”. That song will be forever linked with the Shroom. Incidentally, the last one was a song Shroom Founder Jonathan Mosen absolutely detests, but even he laughed along. I’m glad they didn’t end with the anthem, because there was a lot of laughter on the Shroom!!

Jonathan Mosen Founder of the Shroom is a brilliant man who is creative and funny. He has recently made some life changes and can’t devote the time to the station he feels is necessary. He picked several internal candidates to take it over, but none of the three could commit to it. Everyone is an armchair quarterback, and I can’t help wondering what may have happened if he had chosen to open it up to people or even groups other than these three. In any case, although some would say that the Shroom was about one person, I disagree. Every person associated with the station made it what it was.

MushroomFM was more than just a radio station. Presenters (AKA DJ’s) came to know their listeners quite well and often picked out songs they either thought or knew a particular listener would like. It wasn’t just music, which bonded us — although it did. Some DJ’s known which kind of food and wine their listeners preferred. It sounds trite to say we were a family, but perhaps better said we were a community. Presenters and listeners interacted on the social network Twitter and sometimes through e-mail. I loved learning about new music or facts about songs and musicians. As I said it my post last week, MushroomFM was there during times when Phil was in the hospital or there were other bad things going on. I certainly intend to keep in touch as the presenters find other stations on which to broadcast. Some may not broadcast at all or take a long break before they do
I wasn’t lying when I said friendships were formed on the Shroom, and I’ll do my part to maintain them.


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  1. Want me to check at my local grocery store to see if there are snow shovelers willing and able to come take care of you guys? I will check and email you phone numbers.

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