News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Thanksgiving Week

As the final minutes of Thanksgiving 2013 go flying by,l Il can’t say I’m sad to see it go. This has been a crummy week, and I really hope things start looking up soon. I am looking forward to playing the IDS Center, although I wish I was a little more organized like I planned. I was going to have my reader help me get a box of CD’s together, so the person driving me and sitting at the table with the CD’s wouldn’t have to do it. However, life has been a little complicated by both Phil and me being ill

Tuesday the 19th, a fever just went rushing through me like a freight train, and although it seemed to be gone the next day, I was so weak that nothing got done which absolutely didn’t need to. I really thought I was going to faint when I carried Phil’s wash up from downstairs the day after the fever. I was able to play at church and the Malt shop, although it was harder than normal. . I came down with bronchitis over the weekend and was comforted by the thought of having some script refills for my inhaler and an antibiotic ready to go for this eventuality. So you can imagine my rude awakening on Monday when there were not any such animals. Phil had a wound appointment on Tuesday, so he was going to pick them up for me on Tuesday.

Phil came home with a sore throat Monday night, and both Monday and Tuesday nights were excruciating for him and thus for me. He had a lot of pain in his ears and moaned and screamed. He had a wound doctor appointment scheduled Tuesday and got into the primary care center for the ear pain. The doctor prescribed antibiotics in case it turned out to be an infection but thought it was some kind of nerve thing. Nerves don’t switch ears, so it’s definitely the infection. phil forgot to ask about my medication, but it wasn’t there anyway.

I called on Wednesday, and absolutely nothing had been done at the Doctor’s office. I talked to the same girl as on Monday, and she knew I was not happy about this situation. At 5:30, someone told me the scripts had been faxed to the pharmacy at 5:15. The problem was the pharmacy had closed at 5:00. I’d instituted a plan to have them courier the medication to me if they got it in time. Of course, it’s the night before Thanksgiving, and I have to have the doctor fax them to a different pharmacy. Phil stayed home all day in pain, and as Tuesday turned into Wednesday, his hearing diminished. Yelling brought on coughing, so we’ve been a great pair over the last couple days.

I had to ask our reader to go to the pharmacy for me and pick up the medication, and it was a 30 to 45minute wait. We got through mail, but just barely.

So today Phil has been sleeping the majority of the day. My stomach has been a little off because of the antibiotics, but I can tell they and the inhaler are already making a huge difference. I have more energy than I have in a week, and I’m hoping tomorrow will be a day when I get some laundry done. Of course with Phil not hearing well and not feeling good we cancelled the Thanksgiving dinner out which we were planning. There will be other times to go out, but boy am I ever craving turkey despite the tummy stuff. With Phil sleeping most of the day, I’ve been working on computer projects to keep my mind off things, and other than the occasional family call, it’s been so quiet today. Phil got up long enough to take the evening medication and have a little something to eat, but we really couldn’t talk very well. If he hadn’t come out when he did, I was going to call into a teleconference just to make sure someone knew I existed. He’s asleep in front of the fire, and his hearing loss is worrying us both. I can’t believe how loudly I have blasted the radio by accident, and he has barely stirred. I certainly don’t want him crossing any streets alone before some of this has cleared. Garron is good, but I think even Phil would be nervous not having any audio cues.

If that wasn’t enough, there have been some people exiting on MushroomFM the station where I want to audition. I’ve been frustrated I haven’t been able to do much testing to get closer to that demo due to my illness, but two pretty prominent people are leaving. One of them is Jonathan the founder of the station. Jonathan’s show The Mosen Explosion built a big community of listeners, and he has been known as, “the boss”. With Jonathan gone, a new system will have to be developed for demos to be heard etc., because he did that before the Skype interview and audition took place. Although Jonathan is very good at what he does, it’s his nephew Anthony I’m going to miss. Anthony had a way of making me feel like I was his only listener and I had his full attention. He also introduced me to so many different kinds of music and had just landed a time slot when it was better for me to listen live. We’ll be in touch, because he’s one of my many dice buds, but even though I have both Jonathan’s and Anthony’s last shows on my phone to hear, ultimately, it’s Anthony with whom I connected a little more. A month ago, another good friend Eric left to start a country station called “Now Country”, which is sounding so good.
I was really looking forward to working with the people who left, although I still have plenty of very good friends at Mushroom FM. I still plan to audition once a few minor kinks are worked out.

I hope the next entry I write will be the traditional Kragnes Karol, but who the heck knows? I’ll be happy if we have a quiet but healthy Christmas together. I hope that’s not too much to ask.


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  1. Wow! Sorry you and Phil have been feeling yucky. I hope Phil’s hearing comes back. I’ve had some fluid on my ears lately, and it really messed things up. If his hearing doesn’t come back after the antibiotics, try some Benadrill or other similar sinus meds. That’s what took it away for me.

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