News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

I’m quickly writing this in MBraille, which currently has no spell checker. Phil woke up about ten last night, and he was hungry! We ordered an awesome sausage and onion pizza with alfredo sauce and had some ice cream. I still crave the taco bowl from our favorite restaurant and enjoy those “date nights” so much, but talking to him and the yummy meal went a long way toward calming me down. It also really helped me not burst into tears when I found a pile of Zane’s barf with socks on. To add to the fun, it sat right in front of the door where the cleaning bucket for such occasions resides. I had the radio going, and although I’d never say I enjoyed cleaning it up, it was a lot better than if I’d found it earlier in the evening.

I also forgot to talk about small but necessary positives from this week. 1. I finally got Zane to the vet on a beautiful sunny day to get his nails trimmed, and the brisk weather made his work so enthusiastic. Fall is a time for extra sniffing, but enthused work really helps. 2. I think I have the majority of my music player issues sorted out. Not having control of my music on a daily basis makes Ms. Kragnes a very cranky woman. So I should be able to start putting together playlists for shows — right after I write minutes for the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library Advisory Committee.


Comments on: "Small Follow-up to Last Post" (2)

  1. Hearing this warms my heart.

    Nora in Florida Golden Rescue Molly age 11 CGC,THD,NTD,Delta Pet Partner,R.E.A.D.

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  2. Penny Reeder said:

    Rebecca, Glad things are looking up – let’s keep that momentum going!

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