News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Aside from the usual chaos which takes place on a weekend when I play both Masses at church and the Malt Shop, this weekend had some other surprises. But the “fun” really began on Wednesday. Phil was in the hospital from Wednesday through Saturday to get some medication through a pick line which started more blood flowing throughout his body. Because there’s only one vein feeding his hand because of the now-closed-off graft, more blood needs to move to the finger he hurt a couple of months ago in order to heal it. Since getting home, his finger has felt better than before, although he still has to run to pain killers when it’s at its worst. He continues on an oral medication to keep blood flow moving, and there are plenty of jokes afoot! The medication is a generic form of Viagra. I let Phil say it publicly on Facebook first. One of the things which made this hospitalization so much easier was Garron being allowed to stay with Phil. Staff fell in love with him, and there was very little if any trouble scheduling people to take him out. Our current reader Sarah Grace called to let us know she had a cold before Phil was admitted, and fortunately, our past reader Linda was having a relatively good day and could substitute at the last minute Wednesday evening.

When reading the instructions for the colonoscopy preparation, we discovered I could have Pepsi as part of my clear diet. Linda is also a Pepsi fanatic like me, so she picked up some with my supper. I had my “last meal” before the prep from MacDonald’s. The night before, I attended a sing along with some friends. We stopped at Mickey D’s beforehand and had their great new quarter pounders! It was so good I opted to have a repeat on Wednesday. I hardly ever eat MacDonald’s so it was a treat.

A friend Eric visited Thursday afternoon, and that helped the clear diet go down easier. The only thing the nurses lied about was that the process didn’t sour the stomach. Luckily, the peppermint tea helped that settle down without negating any other affects

I talked to Phil very little while he was in the hospital, and every time I did, I kept forgetting to ask about where to find the cane. Because we use our dogs the majority of the time and are relatively the same height, we have one cane between us. Another broke, and since usually only one of us needs it at a time, we just haven’t bothered to replace it. . Luckily, our friend Bonnie helped with transportation to and from the procedure, and another friend Michael puppy-sat. The nurses at my hospital told me they wished I would have brought Zane with me, and given how things were, it might have been OK. I was under pretty light sedation and don’t think I slept at all through the procedure. Aside from some minor cramping, there was little pain. Everything is clear, and I just need to eat more fiber. The doctor who removed my polyp is leaving for Chicago in a couple months, so it was probably fortuitous that another doctor did the procedure. He was nice and explained things very well.

I asked Michael to stay a while after the procedure, as I was to have a responsible adult around after sedation. He brought croissants and and an awesome salad he makes. We provided the beverages and the mint Oreos. It started to storm around seven thirty, and we lost power around eight until Saturday morning. Neither of us thought about charging our phones for this eventuality, so any calls had to be made from the wired phone in the basement. The cab company’s computers were down, so my friend spent the night on our couch. His Black Lab was afraid of the storm, paced, and nosed me and Zane when he’d come see us. I didn’t sleep much anyway without the use of my CPAP to keep me breathing easily. Power was restored on Saturday around ten thirty, and we listened to the last part of a Michael Jackson special. Phil arrived home about three thirty that afternoon, and Michael left around four.

Friday morning before my colonoscopy was also when I found out my Facebook was blocked for “suspicious activity”. For some reason, someone didn’t think I was a real person. I kept doing audio capsha’s throughout the weekend, and despite mastering more than a few of them, another would appear. Sometimes it was just a visual capsha, and obviously that didn’t work. I hoped asking a friend Dwight to help over the phone would be a quick fix, but it turned into a longer haul than either of us anticipated. After he completed the visual capshas, Facebook tested my identity by presenting him photos of my friends with multiple choice answers. Because he had to describe them for me, we took some time getting through them not knowing that the test was timed. He and his daughter came over and took a photo of my photo ID. I attached that file to a message to the Facebook team, and I hope this will be evidence enough I am a real person. I have no idea when access to my account will be restored.


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    Sounds like a harrowing time–Cindy Flermanw

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