News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Sunday night was above average at the Malt Shop, despite getting the news last Friday that there would be no announcements reminding people to tip if they appreciated the music. It may not be apparent to the reader just how hard it was for me to make the request. I try not to be the stereotypical, egotistical musician, and in fact, I’m probably too much the opposite. Selling myself or tooting my own horn is extremely difficult for me. Though I don’t have to rewrite the basic note each time, sending out information to people who don’t know me and haven’t asked for it (like a cold telephone call) highlighting what I do is very psychologically challenging for me. That’s why it’s great to have a constant gig like the Malt Shop — so I can let people know I’m a regular –, and they can hear what I do for themselves. I had one person thank me for educating her about the etiquette of tipping musicians on this blog, so maybe that’s why I was supposed to go through that business.

Because of the denial of the request for announcements, I’ve decided I have to distinguish myself from the employees (whose Malt Shop shirts are their uniforms) by making sure I do not wear a Malt Shop tee-shirt as I have tried to do in recent weeks. When talking to people about this whole thing, it’s become apparent people assume I am being paid like any other employee, and wearing something different may go toward minimizing this assumption. I’ll wear the tee-shirts other places to advertise that I’m there on Sundays. Frankly those wonderful lime green shirts were three of the most comfortable shirts for playing. The bright color gave me confidence, and there was no stiffness and lots of room to move in them.

Speaking of green things, my absolute favorite lime green top with sequins all around the neckline and a jacket of a similar color have been stained badly. A friend took them to a cleaners to see if they could get it out, but having heard nothing, I don’t think I’m in for good news on that front. It’s only clothing, I know, but chances of finding things in that color and style again are pretty minuscule.

The Doctor’s office called to postpone my colonoscopy, as my doctor has a conference not previously recognized on his calendar. The bad news about that was having to set a date all over again making sure the one we schedule works for the friend planning to drive me to and from the appointment and my friend with his Black Lab who volunteered to watch my Black Lab. My driver didn’t have the 7th on her calendar, so it’s a darn good thing the procedure was rescheduled! I was also seriously looking forward to this business being history.

Then there was Tuesday which turned out nothing like I planned. It’s rare that I miss a Para transit ride, but I honestly didn’t hear my alarm and woke up just as the doorbell rang. That meant taking care of an appointment over the phone, which was luckily an option. Given the change in colonoscopy date, target could be put off for another day, and our reader brought the essentials Wednesday night. Speaking of essentials, a sighted friend looked at the “supply” packaging, and yes, they are considered overnight strength. Although I’m not sure they are as good as the ones I usually get, they seem to be working better than the shorter, thicker ones my friend brought over as a stop gap until I could get more of my own. Maybe thinner is truly new and improved in this case.

One thing for which I was supposed to shop is a new bathroom trash can. We have had a great one for many years with a pedal which broke. I called the hardware store where we purchased it many years ago, and the price of a new one is outrageous! $140 or $99 for a trash can? Are they serious? Phil has taken up the challenge by looking online. I have a hard time shopping for anything online involving measurements — fitting into a space or on a person. Phil even bought his last pair of shoes online! Not me! I have to put my hands on the object or the object on me to make sure it fits. I don’t want to mess around with returning stuff which doesn’t work.

Now with no colonoscopy this week, I’m determined to reach the bottom of my laundry hamper and finish transitioning my closet to spring and summer clothing. It’s hard for me to believe it’s June, as I am wearing pants and a top with three quarters sleeves today.
It’s been rainy and cool the majority of the week, and the constant clouds add to my lack of energy.

Phil goes back to the doctor about his hand soon. He continues to take the antibiotics for the bone infection, but a nurse at dialysis told him he had black spots on his hand. That doesn’t sound good. It isn’t cold, so he doesn’t think it’s circulation problems. He has bumped his hand a number of times and wonders if it’s just bruising.

I’ll end on a good note. I continue to try to drink more fluid, eat more of the good stuff, and consume less of the bad. My clothes definitely feel longer and better this year than last. This past weekend, we ate at our favorite restaurant for Phil’s birthday last Thursday. A friend also brought over a pretty healthy selection of food which lasted us for several meals. She roasted a chicken with a light sauce of onion and put some of the meat over noodles. She made the best coleslaw I’ve ever eaten outside of a restaurant, and I enjoyed a big salad with lots of different textures and tastes for one meal. She also made hummus, which is a treat for me. Phil doesn’t care for it, but I love it! Our friend made the best vanilla custard I’d ever eaten! I was expecting it to taste great, as I enjoy vanilla almost as much as chocolate. Custards I’d eaten in the past had the texture of tapioca pudding. This was a rich dessert with the texture of pudding with sweet crunchy stuff on top of it. Even though that probably wasn’t the healthiest thing, it was so worth it!


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