News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

For many years, I have resisted getting a Facebook Account, because I thought it was nothing but photos and other visual material. Then I’ve watched Phil work with the Facebook app on the iPhone this fall and winter and decided to give it a try. Last week on Twitter, I had a discussion about whether to connect the two accounts and got some great advice and perspectives on doing so — including an app to allow me to choose which Tweets get posted to Facebook called Selective Tweets. I still have to test to see if I did it properly, but if so, the below may help my followers decide whether to interact with me on FB, Twitter, Skype,, 4-Square, Audioboo, games, and/or any combination.

The number of followers has never been as important as that people who follow enjoy the content. One person cautioned me that if the content is the same on both, she will unfollow on one of the accounts. I am making content decisions based on that and frankly my own preferences. There will be overlap of my blog entry links on both. I am aware that — some exceptions — my Twitter and Facebook followers are different “audiences”. I have a lot of sighted and low-vision friends and family members on Facebook and have received very positive feedback about connecting my 4-square account. My FB followers are interested in the places I go and perhaps photos of them.
I personally dislike 4-square notifications and links to photos on my Twitter account, and because it’s a text based social networking platform, I have more blind followers over there. I know there are those who post photos and 4-square on Twitter, but my sense is that most blind people feel as I do. Because I have my Audioboo account connected to Twitter, Twitter followers will be the only ones to receive most of my audio content. Occasionally I’ll include links to audio content in my blog which will be posted to both. But if audio is more your speed, you may want to follow me on Twitter.

On FB, you’ll find me with a simple search. My twitter, Audioboo, and Skype names are RebeccaKragnes. My user name on both Dice World and the iPhone Game center is RebeccaK425.


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