News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

Phil and I work very hard to try to be self-sufficient as much as possible. But God knows there are just some times in life when no one will help us out of the jams in which we find ourselves but our friends. Remember how I wrote about winning the battle over the mountain of laundry? Ah but not so fast! I went downstairs to check on the latest loads and was mystified when the load in the drier was still wet, despite the fact I had given in a generous amount of drying time. I was downright angry when I checked it an hour and a half later, and it was still wet! I could feel heat, so I knew that wasn’t the problem, but as I turned the drier on and then opened the door for it to turn itself off, I didn’t hear the wuffa wuffa wuffa sound of the spinning innards slowing. I also didn’t feel it spinning at all. I gradually took laundry out and tried again with similar results each time and on a completely empty drier. This was after midnight, a long night of playing with very few tips, other frustrations on the home front I won’t detail here and lots of angry tears. We are smart enough to have a total repair plan on our home appliances through our gas company, and given the calls they must get, I thought they might at least have a service to take messages regarding quandaries like mine. I immediately called in hopes of getting closer to an appointment to have the drier repaired today . The good news was that I talked to a human being. The bad news was they were now booking Wednesday appointments. I have plenty of clothes put away to wear, so that wasn’t the issue. I had two baskets of wet clothes I didn’t want molding. I’m sure there are blind people in this world with contraptions to roll their clothes to the laundry mat in one hand while using their guide dogs or canes in the other. Because we don’t have a mat near our home, and I normally have a convenient washer and drier in my basement, we aren’t set up to do this in more April snow which is forecast tomorrow. I had been meaning to call my fellow night owl friend Bonnie to ask about driving me to the colonoscopy on June 7, and this was an added incentive. Since we are briefly on that topic, my friend Michael stepped forward to volunteer to bring his Black Lab guide and puppy sit mine on that day. Bonnie has us on her calendar for June 7 and is going to stop by and pick up the wet clothes to dry for me this afternoon.

In my last entry, I also wrote about trying to stop isolating myself, and I was really looking forward to a friend’s visit this afternoon. I haven’t had a anyone over to my house in months because of everything going on. I am so grateful for Bonnie doing this and not to have to cancel my plans because of this little snag. We’re having a little pre-birthday gathering. I’m having another one with some more friends on Tuesday evening at a restaurant we all love. Phil can’t do this restaurant because of the high salt content, so it’s a real treat to have an excuse to go.

Thus far, it looks like I’ll spend the majority of my birthday physically by myself. But with the advent of technology, I’ll have company on the internet radio and the phone with my book club of many people I consider friends. Yes, we have to hire some things done, but for the little things which add up and barely keep us breathing above water, it’s our friends hands-down who make a difference. I believe we have some of the best friends in the world.

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  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    We have our own apartment size washer and dryer in our spare bedroom. I learned about a month or two ago, after living here and using them for over ten years, that we’re not supposed to have them. Guess what? That’s just too bad! No one ever said a word about not having portable washers or dryers.

    At any rate, I’ve done the small grocery cart thing with even my first guide years ago when I didn’t have a washer and a dryer in my apartment, but I’m fortunate enough that I don’t have to do that any more and haven’t done it in years. WE do have laundry facilities within the project, not too difficult to get to and not far from our apartment at all. However, one can’t carry dirty clothes in one arm, work a guide with the other hand, and then unlock the laundry room with a key. I dare the management company to ever say another word to me about not being supposed to have what I have, which is a God send to us. Should this issue ever come up again, I’m afraid they’ll be losing us as renters. The one smart mouth maintenance man threatened to take my washer away, which he cannot do because it belongs to us and not to the complex, if I didn’t let him shut off our cold or hot water. He claimed we couldn’t have both, duh. Owe, I told him in no uncertain terms to shut off the hot water, but little does he know that I turned it back on the next time I needed hot water. They can shove, but they can’t move me out of my comfort zone.

    Jeanie and Trudy

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