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no dicey details

This week has been full of little annoyances. We owe a little to the feds on taxes. Nothing serious, but the timing isn’t the best. Our cleaning guy rescheduled for 3:00 and then showed up at 5:00. We try to have them in when we’re both gone or at the very most with only Zane and me here. This is because as happened when all four of us were here, , we were stuck in one room to stay out of his way while he cleaned. This put our whole evening on hold, and we didn’t finish eating until nine. It’s bad enough having to do this on dialysis and reader nights, but this was truly annoying. and Before Phil and Garron got home, some guy came to the door saying he was from Comcast and tried to push his way into the house. Some of you know how annoyed I am with people who are not my friends just showing up without an appointment. We don’t have Comcast for any of our electronic communication, and I bluntly asked him to leave. At first he just stood there, and I asked him a second time. I will be calling Comcast to see if anyone was in the area that day. We suspect this guy was not with Comcast, and I was glad our cleaning guy was here to back me up if need be. I also had my iPhone around my neck in case I needed to call the police.

Today was the day I’d been dreading — the pre-colonoscopy visit, and like the colonoscopy itself, the prep was the worst. Despite my prep (of which I will not share details), the doctor never looked at me. He said he’d do that at the colonoscopy, which is scheduled for June 7 — a Friday afternoon. I pushed it way out in order to have the opportunity to recruit a driver or drivers. I need to do this for three reasons. I’ll be under sedation for the procedure, and we’re positive they won’t let me on a metro vehicle just out of sedation. Second, Phil doesn’t think he’ll be able to take the day off to watch Zane while I’m gone, so Zane may have to be with the person who drives or have a puppy sitter here. And the third reason for recruiting a driver is because as I discovered today, using Metro Mobility for doctor’s appointments can be a drag. I was already disgusted because aside from signing my name on some paperwork, everything else could have been done by phone or e-mail — postal mail for the colonoscopy instructions at the very worst. It was good to have the opportunity to ask questions, but it was bad that my doctor was running very late! I arrived at 3:10, filled out paperwork from three thirty to four, saw the doctor at 4:15, and the nurse to take me through the instructions for the colonoscopy at 4:30. As I was waiting for the doctor at four, I called Metro Mobility and said I was concerned about my 4:40 ride because I hadn’t seen the doctor. They could cancel it — they told me –, but because of the lateness of the cancellation (within the hour before the ride), I would get a no-show for the ride. I did it anyway and requested a 5:30 ride home. Of course, I arrived downstairs to wait for my ride at 4:44. The reservationist asked me to call at five about my 5:30 request. When I did that, they couldn’t fit me in until 6:06. the options were to sit for an hour, cancel the ride and take a cab, or try to find someone to get me home and call back in to cancel. However, — because it was so close to an hour before the ride — if I called around to find alternatives and called back in to cancel, I’d get another late cancellation penalty for this ride. I took a cab home, and luckily it wasn’t very far.

Some areas of the house are clearing of mouse stink, and thank God one area is the closet! Now I can do laundry and feel comfortable hanging clothes there again. If the weather ever warms up, I’ll be able to wear spring and summer clothing, but tonight and tomorrow a late winter storm may produce a foot of snow here in the Twin Cities. I’ll be doing laundry and putting together a newsletter which should have been done a week or two ago. I don’t have to go anywhere until Saturday, and hopefully by then, this horrible mid-April weather will turn back to traditional mid-April weather.

It doesn’t sound like the colonoscopy prep is as unpleasant as it used to be. I won’t be drinking any “go lightly. I start a clear liquid diet and hold my iron the day before the procedure. Then I take some pills at noon and starting at six that night drink powder with no taste mixed in some Gaideraid which can be any color/flavor except red. At nine the morning of the procedure I drink something which isn’t too tasty but which can be chased by some clear liquid. I stop drinking or eating anything by ten, and I’m to be at the hospital by 12:15 for a 1:00 procedure. I was assured there was no stomach upset or being up all night in the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Phil is finishing up his application for the position about which I wrote in an update not long ago. We are hoping April will be the hospital-free month for both of us, and since the application process closes on April 24, perhaps I’ll get a late birthday Present of having Phil called in for an interview. Then he’ll get a birthday present at the end of May when he’s offered the job. OK, one can dream.

I’ll close with a paragraph for anyone who has a smart phone and enjoys dice. Dice World is a free app with Yahtzee, Farkle, Pig, and a fourth game I’m still learning. One can remove adds for $1.99, and people can play each other across the net and chat within the game. We’ve had spotty success with other games while playing on the net, but this one is rock solid. This has really helped Phil’s dialysis go more quickly, and we’re both having fun playing games with each other and other people. It’s all the rage in the blind community, because the developer is really going the extra mile to make the game accessible for us. So if you like dice games, look us up. My Dice World user name is RebeccaK425, and Phil’s is PMK.


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  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Best of luck with the colonoscopy Rebecca.

    Jeanie and Trudy

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