News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

We all know how much I like April, and it’s finally here. I just hope the warmer weather follows soon. Still, I’ve been able to sit out on my porch on sunny afternoons without getting cold, and that’s a good thing. Plans are being made for a couple dinners at restaurants. On tax day, we’re getting together with Phil’s cousins for a meal at Red Lobster. They have invited us all winter, but with everything else going on, we just couldn’t make it happen. We tend to go in the spring to celebrate our birthdays — mine at the end of this month and Phil’s at the end of May. I’m also going out to a place Phil doesn’t like as much as I do with some blind friends for my birthday. He will be on dialysis on the night of the 23rd and my birthday evening the 25th. My book club by phone meets the 25th, so it will be great to do something instead of being here alone like I was last year waiting for Phil to get out of the hospital.

Although Phil didn’t have any hospital stays, March wasn’t a hospital free month for him either. Phil did some kettle bell lifting on Palm Sunday and must have pressed it a little hard. The next Tuesday he had some very severe muscular pain that precipitated a trip to the ER and being knocked out for several hours. Later last week, a few of Phil’s coworkers organized a meeting without him knowing about it in advance. The meeting was to have a plan about how to help Phil with health stuff in the event he can’t speak for himself. At first I was offended that they seemed to plan the meeting behind Phil’s back. But Phil was very receptive and said that had he known about the meeting, he may have gone in feeling defensive and anxious. I came to appreciate his coworkers’ sensitivity and concern.

Phil had a hearing test yesterday and learned that high frequencies are not being received very well in either ear. Later this spring he is going to be fit for hearing aids. Last week he went to the physical therapist for some hand problems, and I know we have to get him scheduled for the dentist soon.

Phil has started working on the application for the position for which he hopes to interview later this spring. The department had to post it externally, so it may not go as quickly as anticipated. Phil spent a few hours on Sunday making a form for our friend Eric’s Web site. Eric wants to be more active in promoting his audio production company, and it could mean a little paid work for me. Eric can do all of the audio, voiceover, and effects, but he doesn’t like writing. He has three radio shows a week, and it takes me three to five minutes to write a quick summary of the show for him to put up with his podcast link. Tonight Eric asked me to write a script for an audio promotional piece on his company. He gave me a couple of ideas to use, and I had a few of my own., It took me about twenty to thirty minutes, and Eric seemed to like my results. Clients will fill out the form Phil is writing. This form includes fields for the ideas they want in their audio spot. I may be the one writing the scripts for Eric to record /produce. I asked Phil whether Eric should be seeking someone with an advertising degree for this, but both of them are pretty confident I am a good enough writer to do it. it could be fun and definitely uses creative writing which I love.

Tomorrow the pest control guy and our handyman meet here to talk about how to keep the mice from coming into our house. I connected them by phone, but they both seem to be giving me the exact opposite information. I wish Phil had the time to stay home and referee, but given how much he has had to be gone from work lately, it’s just not possible. We don’t hear mice moving and squeaking anymore, thank God, but the smell comes and goes in various parts of the house.
I made it to Good Friday services but not Holy Thursday or Easter. I was taking out the garbage on Thursday night when I slipped and fell on a little ice in our driveway. This scared me from venturing out, I got all dirty from the fall, and though not hurt seriously, I was achy too. On Saturday one friend brought back my big colored light. We hope it will now run for years to come without needing another repair. This is a former co-worker of Phil’s who recently changed jobs. A Small, Still Voice whispered inside of me to bring up Phil’s supervisor’s retirement — something I normally wouldn’t have done. This gave Phil a good opening to ask our friend if he’d be willing to be a reference for Phil.

After my last blog entry about the Nicki Minaj perfume, a friend wanted to know if I wanted some for my birthday. This was a very thoughtful gesture, but before I said yes, I wanted Phil to approve the fragrance. Most of the time, I know what he likes, but I wanted to be sure he smelled and approved of it before she gave it to me. Our friend came over with the fragrance sample Saturday afternoon, and fortunately, he likes it. I took a long nap while Phil was at dialysis and then of course didn’t sleep much that night. I decided to go to Easter Mass in the afternoon and spent the morning hanging out with Phil — something we really don’t get to do. I forgot to set an alarm when I went to sleep later Easter morning and missed the time it would have taken to get ready to go. Phil and I did go out to our favorite restaurant for supper as we planned, and we realized we hadn’t been there for two months. It was extra good!

Thursday I have a post-hospital visit with my primary physician. I’m scheduled to see the colorectal people for the pre-colonoscopy visit next Wednesday the 10th, and I have no idea why I am required to see my primary care physician this Thursday. Seems like a racket for money to me, and I’ll definitely be letting her know that I don’t think this should be required when I’m already seeing a specialist.

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