News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

for my e-mail followers

Part three was a little too long for the e-mailed version of the blog, so I’m reposting the last part for people who are subscribed to e-mails.

On the way home, Lisa told me about her adventures with Zane — a very different animal than Garron. I was sorry I didn’t think to give her a few warnings, because she found out a couple things the hard way. He was not used to the office environment, until she set a physical boundary for him with a stool. Then he understood he was supposed to stay put and fell asleep. Zane relieved in the yard, but because the other dogs had relieved on the basement concrete, he did too, the turkey! He tends to do this under stress, and I’m sure there was some marking behavior involved too. One of her dogs went into protective mode against Zane for most of the evening, and they finally reached an understanding toward the end.
We agreed that — although we hope something like this doesn’t happen again


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  1. Rebecca,

    Hope you’re on the mend and that you and the family are settling into the usual routines once again. What an adventure and a positive end to your suffering in silence with the help of medical interventions.



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