News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

As some of you concluded and others heard through other means, I was not able to fight off the illness, and Sunday I was extremely sick. I have felt a little better each day. I wondered whether I had the flu, because on Sunday I had the chills etc., Even by Monday though , I could tell I was better. It ended up being my usual cold and sore throat which used to result in Bronchitis every single time. Now my doctor has me taking things which have resulted in avoiding it the last two times. I had the additional symptom of not desiring to eat and not keeping any food for long when I tried. I’ll spare you those details. It was very hard being ill for days all by myself. Filling the humidifier seemed like a giant chore, because I was so weak. Phil would have a fit if I didn’t do it. I didn’t want to spread the illness and didn’t want my friends to start running away when I called. So I asked for what was absolutely necessary. We were low on toilet paper, and a friend dropped some on the porch for me.

Meanwhile, Phil called me for the first time Monday, but only for about five minutes. Yesterday and today we’ve had progressively longer conversations, and I could hear in his voice that he was getting better. In fact, tomorrow he’s coming home, and I’m excited about that.

Monday night, his doctor called, and she was coughing her head off with a cold herself. In updating me about his progress, she said Phil was concerned about me being sick. She made me promise her that if it got worse the next day, I’d go in. Yes, Phil was still trying to orchestrate things from his hospital bed. It didn’t get worse, but I called my doctor describing my symptoms and telling her I’d been exposed to Influenza Type A. She was pretty sure I didn’t have it from the symptoms, so at least I could give Phil that report. He and I laughed about it, because it’s true that I am always on his case about going to the doctor. It’s also true that I’m resistant to going myself, but had it been spring, summer, or early fall, I would have gotten on a bus and gone. I was afraid that trying it might result in hospitalization because of a fall on snow or ice.

I cancelled just about everything I could to be well enough to play for church tonight. No Malt shop Sunday, no cleaning yesterday, and no meeting friends for lunch today.
I have been drinking plenty of fluids — especially tea. At one of my sickest moments, I ran out of sugar packets and was shocked to open the box and find many shredded packets and sugar all over in the box. I dug down to untouched packets, but I was pretty sure I understood what was happening. A friend came over to help me with something else, and my suspicions were confirmed. Yes, the house mice had been having a sugar fest. What I didn’t think about was the … excrement they left behind. My friend recommended throwing the whole box of packets out, but I didn’t really want to do that without Phil agreeing first. This was a box of 2000 packets of sugar, and there’s at least a third of the box left. I had gotten some of it pretty well by digging to the bottom of the pile, and she said she come back with gloves and help me rescue packets untouched by anything mouse-related. Yet another thing we have to seal up tighter than tight. The traps downstairs are catching them, but we refuse to put any upstairs where they could hurt the dogs.

Anyway, it will be nice to get the household back to normal … just in time for another snowstorm to come in tomorrow night. I have a meeting Friday which will probably be cancelled. Phil already told me that he just can’t go in yet Friday, and I think everyone will appreciate him staying away until he’s ready.

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  1. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    If I remember correctly, Phil’s been in the hospital for about a week, so I’m sure glad he’s getting to come home. I’m sure glad you’re feeling a bit better, and oh those nasty house mice. Shame on them!

    I heard on the news earlier, last night I think, that MN was about to get more snow, so I’m not surprised.

    Get well and stay well if you can, and welcome Phil home from Trudy and me.

    Jeanie and Trudy

  2. Kelly Dunn said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    I just read your post and am glad you are both on the mend. We’ve been grateful so far to not have had the fortune of catching all that has been going around. We’re both crazy about hand sanitizer, washing hands and avoiding illness as best as we can and have been lucky so far. Our turn will come one of these days I am sure.

    I read your comments regarding the sugar. I think you should just toss the sugar packets. You can buy more, and get a plastic container that can be sealed to prevent this from happening again. Mice carry germs and diseases and you’ve had enough of it to prevent it by introducing something like this is just not worth it. Having done my share of living with mice, I understand how frustrating it is when they find our precious treasures is aggravating but in the long run, they will eventually go away. Earle mentioned when he had mice years ago he would get so upset because they always managed to find his microwave popcorn. When I moved out of my apartment in Columbia Heights I realized how absolutely terribly we had mice when I was cleaning, looking deep in the back corners of the cupboards and finding their little terds everywhere was annoying. I was very careful while we were dealing with them to check and inspect boxes before eating contents and we did okay. Stuff like flour and sugar I always kept in containers that had snap on lids that snapped tight. My apartment chose to use these poison blocks which scared me something awful. They would eat this poison and then come out to die. I found mice behind my couch, under my bed and I was lucky. My neighbors were catching them by the dozens in their apartment. Maybe it’s time to get a cat. LOL! In all seriousness, I’ve heard that mice don’t care for staying where there are dogs, but I don’t know for sure that that is true.

    Well, I better get to work and try to be productive. I sincerely hope you and Phil are on the mend and feel better. The days are getting longer, and the sun is out later. Birds are singing in the morning on our way to work, now if the weather would only get warmer and some of this ice would melt. I’m doing this winter dogless while I wait for my new dog. Boa was officially retired on January 7 because of cataracts. It’s heart breaking because she didn’t want to stop working, but due to vision issues couldn’t be guaranteed to have enough vision to see. She lives with my sister now and my sister’s three little children keep her loved and entertained. There is no pet on this world who could be more loved. She gets snuggles and hugs all day, and they even toss her toys for her. She is perfect for them, gentle and sweet and very patient.

    Okay, off to work for me. Take care of yourself and have a restful few days while Phil is home and hasn’t gone back to work yet.

  3. Hi,

    Been fighting the flu over this way, too. Get better soon, both of you.

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