News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

I was just telling my mom this morning that although Phil and I have been touched by some kind of bug, we’re trying to have things be as normal as we can. Last Saturday, Phil was violently ill in the morning with a 101 degree fever., but by afternoon/evening he was feeling a lot better. Sunday morning was OK, but by Sunday afternoon, he was feeling poorly again. Phil stayed home from work not feeling well yesterday,. Today he fortuitously had a doctor’s appointment with an infectious disease doctor. The fever seemed to come and go, and we thought it was gone, until Phil woke up this morning. He’s had a persistent cough all week, and it’s made his back muscles hurt. After the doctor’s appointment, he’s had to sit all day to have tests performed. The fever has been rising, and he’s having fluid drained on his knuckle. Doctors suspect that the infection has camped out there among other places. His sinuses are a little thicker than normal, but nothing serious. If the fluid looks like infection, he’ll be admitted put on IV antibiotics, and if not, they have to figure out what’s wrong with the knuckle and probably still do some IV antibiotics. I have coordinated getting Garron out of there as quickly as I can, and he’s going to stay at the puppy camp (our friends’ with their dogs)at least for the weekend. I play Saturday night and Sunday morning mass, because the music director is out of town. in addition, I practice with a canter for Mass next weekend plus do the Malt Shop. This means Zane and I are going to be gone for hours at a time, and Garron would be alone a lot! Even if my friends need to leave, at least the other dogs are around to keep Garron company. With the church music director gone , I’m also on call for any funerals that come up at church next week.

Whatever this bug is has been even more erratic for me. Tuesday I had a horrible headache which Aleve couldn’t tackle. Wednesday and yesterday morning I had head cold symptoms which were gone by afternoon. Then last night I was sitting in my chair when I just started to sweat profusely! It was the worst possible timing, because we had the rotted window sill in our shower replaced. Because I had no idea it was going to take more than one day, I didn’t shower before the handy man took the old one out. There was just a garbage bag in that spot, and he advise not shower if at all possible. Yesterday, he put in the new one and painted it which meant another whole day without showering. Then the sweat thing hit, and I felt even more grimy. I have no idea whether this is part of the bug or my very first hot flash. “The Change” apparently comes earlier to women who do not have children, and my doctor has speculated that it could happen earlier for me as a result. Personally, I hope it’s just whatever this bug is.

It’s hard to believe January is already coming to an end, but even with Lent starting mid-month, I’m looking forward to February. A friend and I are attending a concert February 4 by Ginny Owens – a Christian contemporary singer who happens to be blind -in a coffee shop atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to this, because though I’ve seen her before, it was definitely a concert hall. This willl likely be much more intimate. Phil also has plans for us to get together with one of his friends next Friday – assuming this is a short-term stay.. If things settle down a little, I’d also like to host a Scentsy party in February. It strikes me that as of February 14, we will have been in this house for seven years. I definitely wouldn’t have chosen home ownership without Phil, but I do love living here! Usually at the end of February, we’re done with the below-zero temps. There’s still plenty of snow possibilities, but the daylight is much longer. I am already noticing that it’s a little better after a month of it coming back. I still have plenty of fireplace time, which is great. It’s enhance even more, because Phil surprised me with a pair of wireless gaming headphones. This means I can use Skype on the computer even more portably and take advantage of more features than the app on the iPhone. I’m still wearing down my iPhone battery at least once a day with all kinds of things as is Phil. We look for social opportunities where we can, but I also enjoy the times we spend together talking, playing, games. Or just reading in companionable silence.
I’m OK during the day, but the nights with him gone are long. I hope this is a short stay and that we get a longer period of things being OK than just a week or two.


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  1. Cindy Flerman said:

    Hope you feel better and that Phil is not gone too long.

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