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Phil is home, and a conundrum

Phil is home, which is absolutely wonderful, but getting him here was no easy task. After this experience, we are considering dialoging with hospital personnel about their policy that one can’t take a cab or other public transportation home after being released. We understand that if one comes out of the hospital after a major surgery, having someone driving him/her home is a must. But there can be a little more pre-planning than was possible for us during this holiday time. In Phil’s case, he has been asymptomatic for at least twelve hours. Phil took a cab to the hospital on Christmas Eve morning, because we knew people were gone and/or celebrating the holidays. This is no less true on the day after Christmas, except that more people are now working. Many of Phil’s co-workers either take buses or ride their bikes to work. We thought we had a ride ready, but our friend needed to attend a gathering after the sudden death of another friend. Of course we understood, but coming up with a back-up plan was pretty tough to do. When Phil is released from the hospital, he wants to go home as soon as he can, and my not being able to come get him hampers this quite a bit. We try to make plans for the time period we think he might get out, but as just was demonstrated, those plans can fail. The social workers said there were other alternatives, but I wonder what they are? I know one time Phil got a ride from the hospital to dialysis in some kind of medical van, and then we got the bill — none of which insurance would pay. It was almost triple the cost of a cab. I know we found a ride and am very grateful. We wracked our brains, made some calls, and Phil even put a Facebook post out asking for help. He’s the one who actually came up with the person who brought him home


Comments on: "Phil is home, and a conundrum" (2)

  1. Cindy Flerman said:

    We have the same hospital problem with transportation home here.

    Glad Phil is home.

    Cindy Flerman

  2. Jeanie Vejil said:

    Hi Rebecca.

    Hospitals, which are made up of personnel who don’t have to deal with the pitfalls we all do are totally clueless when it comes to how we have to get around, especially during the holidays. Gosh. They could have sent him home with a maintenance person or a security person, and it likely wouldn’t have taken long. They could even have accepted payment for doing so, but they just don’t get it. They also don’t seem to realize that not all of us, including my husband and myself, have family who live in the same city or state we do. We have no family in Texas at all.

    Hopefully the next time, and I hope it’s a long time, before Phil has to go to the hospital again, they’ll get their act together. It wasn’t like Phil had had surgery, and it wasn’t like he was going to drive himself home for goodness sake.

    Fortunately he is home now, and let’s hope he gets to stay there for a good while.

    I wonder why in the world they didn’t feel a taxi was good enough for him to get home in when that’s how he had gotten to the hospital in the first place.

    Jeanie and Trudy

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