News, updates, and happenings with the Kragnes family: Phil, our Seeing Eye Dogs, and (me) Rebecca.

To the Tune of Here Comes Santa Clause

Here comes a catheter, there goes a catheter, glad to see it go! Used for dialysis, to bridge between grafts, but was it friend or foe? It was a breeding ground for infection, bad one threatened Phil’s life! Two friends and ambulance to the rescue summoned by his wife.

Here comes Coumadin, Phil takes Coumadin. Isn’t Coumadin grand? Thinning Phil’s blood, preventing clots from graft, arm, shoulder, and hand. Frequent hospital visits from clots, were not a beautiful sight! Phil takes his meds, while Rebecca prays that things work out alright.

There’s one iPhone, there’s another iPhone, the favorite Kragnes toy! Rebecca was terrified at first but soon learned to enjoy,
A talking phone with apps for business, fun and to navigate. Schedule, remind, read money, play games, record, and communicate.

Here’s a smoke alarm, there’s a detector, this time of CO,
Friendly visits from our fire department gave neighbors a show. The gas company had to check that things were safe for us here. Replaced Co detector, vowed no oven spills next year!

Here’s a talking book club, yes a book club, meets by telephone. Rebecca couldn’t make a local club so started one of her own, Twenty blind across the nation meet on a Thursday night,
The last of the month, for 90 minutes sharing their insight.

Here’s a Black Lab and German Shepherd,
Both in middle age,
They’re in the “sweet spot of their work, especially at this stage. At the peak of work experience, puppy behavior done,
They’re not yet seniors, so retirement worries have not begun.

Phil’s been middle-aged for a while, Rebecca’s middle-aged too, Now she’s forty feeling euphemistically “less new”!
With the century is in its teens, she’s glad that time is behind, There’s no desire to fast forward but neither to rewind.

Here was 2012, there goes 2012, coming to an end,
Only thing that’s left to do is wish each family and friend, Merry Christmas, happy new year, peaceful days in between.
So say good night, 2012, good morning, 2013.


Comments on: "The 2012 Kragnes Kard and Karol" (1)

  1. Bonnie Clark said:

    Your Christmas poem is getting more creative every year.

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